Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday 3-27

It has been an interesting day.  I did wake up with a super bad headache, which I still have at this point.  I had a couple of lessons this evening that went well.  It is an NCIS night and Dance Moms night.  I will watch the NCIS Los Angeles episode on the computer later this week.

Katie stopped by to pick up the disc she needs for the scholarship competition she is participating in.  I found on another disc the accompaniment for the 3 verses of the song.  The disc that came with the book only has 2 verses so I was glad that I found the 3 verse one for her.  Since she will sing 3 verses, it is important that she be able to practice with a disc that has all three verses.

Tomorrow is the arthritis doctor appointment.  My left shoulder is burning tonight.  It hurts so much.  I have had much problems with this shoulder for the last 4 years.  I don't know why.  It just started one day and got worse but then it started to get a bit better but now it is starting to get really bad again.  It is very frustrating since I have no idea how it started.  When the shoulder hurts, it makes my entire left arm hurt.  I will be heading to bed soon.  I have taken some pain pills for it.  I will take a couple of Advil before I head for bed.  I have to be up by 9:15 am tomorrow for the appointment.  It should be a breeze.  I do have to mention that my hands have been hurting a lot again and that they go numb when I am sleeping.  I am bringing a notebook to take notes with.  I don't usually do that, but I don't want to forget anything this time since I am having issues with some things.

Well, I am going to read a bit and take some Advil to see if the headache will go down a bit at least enough to let me sleep.

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  1. Hope your appointment with the doctor goes well :)