Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pi day 3-14

Apparently, it is a Pi day!  I don't know why we celebrate it.  Perhaps, one of my bloggy friends might know.  I am not a mathematician, so I don't really know the deal with celebrating of this.  Either way, happy Pi Day!

I have all my info turned in to Julie for my income taxes.  I thought I had everything in the folder, but apparently, I was missing some info.  It is all there now!

I am rather tired now.  I don't want to go to bed yet because I don't want another night like Monday when I woke up bright and early at 2:30 in the morning and couldn't sleep into 4:30 so I will stay awake for a while longer.  I took my nighttime medicine a little later than I used to so I am hoping to sleep better tonight.

Today was a bit of a busy day with lessons.  Acer had his lesson today instead of Friday.  They have a cheerleading banquet that night.  This weekend is the last of their cheer competitions.  It is also Calli's 12th birthday on Saturday.  She is a St. Patrick's Day baby.  It makes me smile to think of her birthday.  Last year I went to her house for a birthday dinner and brownie cakes.  We played games too.  It was a good time.  She will have her lesson on Sunday instead of Friday because of the banquet.

Jillian and Brooke are almost finished with their first books.  I went to get them and they are totally out of the solo books.  I couldn't find them at all and I know that they carry them.  The help in the evening are not very helpful at all.  The girl looked right where I looked.  Well, I knew they weren't there, I had looked where they normally were.  She also took my order on a piece of paper so I am not sure they will get ordered.  I will call Annie in the morning to check on the order.  I also need one theory book for Aubrey.  She will be done with her books in a few weeks too.  All three are doing really well with piano.  Not to mention, they are beautiful girls.

I am rather achy tonight for some reason.  My hips are stiff and achy.  I hope they improve by tomorrow.

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