Thursday, March 22, 2012

Headache Day 3-22

I have a bad headache today.  I woke up with it so it is just one of those things.  I didn't go to choir practice  because of it and I plan to go to bed early too.  I slept very, very poorly last night.  I went to bed at 10 pm thinking that it would help.  I was very wrong.  I did fine until about 11:50 pm.  Then I woke up at 1 am and then at 2 am.  I finally got up about 2:30 and went downstairs.  My tummy was upset and too full all at the same time.  You know how sometimes you finish eating and several hours later you tummy starts to feel super full but you haven't eaten anything else since dinner?  Well, that was my tummy last night and then it started to be upset.  Ah, IBS is such a lovely thing, NOT!  I have a tummy doctor appointment next week, I just can't remember when.  It is either Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.  Fortunately, they will call me and let me know.  I also have the arthritis doctor appointment one of those days too.  I will get a call the day before for that one too.  Thank goodness for reminder calls!!!  Without them, I would be missing appointments left and right.  That is not good so I am glad they take the time to remind me.  This way, I don't miss or I reschedule the day before so I am not charged for the miss appointment.  Speaking of appointments, I need to make one for the pro-time test next month.  When I called back for my recent results, I was not at home so I couldn't make the appointment, which actually worked out well because their computers were down.  I wouldn't have been about to make the appointment even if I was home.  I hope to remember to that tomorrow before I go to heather B-T's house.

I am looking forward to visiting with Heather B-T tomorrow.  We rarely get a chance to sit down and have a chat just the 2 of us so it shall be a lot of fun, providing, of course, this stupid, bad headache is back to the normal, much more manageable headache.  That is what I am hoping happens tomorrow.

Today's lessons weren't super hard with the bad headache, just medium hard.  The students were extra nice to me and tried really hard.  I told them that I had a bad headache and they were so sweet.  All the students did well, even my 2 who don't practice at all.  Benjy is learning his notes despite only seeing them once a week.  Joiene was a little bit more nervous to play her new song because the letters inside the notes are now gone.  After a little bit of coaxing, she did play her new song and did well.  Joiene also doesn't practice at all either.  I think their mom is not sure what to do even though I showed her.  I am hoping that Benjy will start playing on his own at home and then encourage Joiene to play too.  He has such potential, not that Joiene, doesn't she does, but Benjy is doing really well despite his not practicing.

Starting next week, students will be beginning their spring concert songs.  My really small ones will be learning their songs a bit differently than usual because their music is a bit harder than what they play in the lesson books.  I also will have the group song ready.  I have to re-burn the discs because of a mistake made in the pausing between tracks.  Yup, 14 discs were thrown away because of my mistake!  Yuck!  I will do that this weekend.

I have some bills to pay tonight so I better get on that so they can be mailed tomorrow!

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