Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thursday 3-29

It has been a rather interesting couple of days.  My appointment went well.  I am going to try Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy, depending on how much it costs and what Medicare covers.  I will call on that tomorrow.  Anyways, I had had a bad headache from the night before.  I didn't sleep very well on Tuesday  night because of the pain.  It didn't matter what side I was laying on, it hurt, bad.  I mentioned it to the arthritis doctor and she said to go to my primary care doctor.  I said I would.  Well, I had lunch and went home to teach lessons all the while the head was getting worse and worse.  I taught 4 lessons and how I do not know.  After the last student left, I decided to go to the ER.  I really didn't want to go but it just hurt so much I couldn't stand it anymore.  Nothing was working for it either and I mean nothing.  It was like all I took was a sugar pill.  So I got the ER and it wasn't that busy.  I didn't wait very long, what a surprise!  A nice one though!  I got some pain medicine almost right away.  I was so pleased!  I got some tummy medicine as it was upset too because of the pain.  I had a CT scan also because of my history of blood clots they always have to rule that out.  I don't mind because the test is quick and it doesn't hurt.  It came back clean so that was a relief although I didn't think it was a blood clot because the pain would have been a sudden pain and this wasn't sudden so I did not think it was one.  I stayed for a long while because they couldn't send me home right away because of the strong pain killers they had given me.  I chose not to stay because the head felt much better.  Instead of the pain level of 10, it had gone down to 8, which to me was good enough.  I did have an upset tummy when I was being discharged but I didn't say anything.  It didn't last too long and from experience, I knew it wouldn't.  I got home and had a sandwich to eat because I was very hungry at that time.  I hadn't had anything to eat since 1 pm in the afternoon.  I did make the right decision that I could go home because I don't have a super bad headache tonight, only a slightly bad headache.  I asked Laith's mom if she knew a neurologist that was good.  She gave me the name of one and I will call her tomorrow and make an appointment.  It is time to go and see what is up.  For the last few months I have had bad headaches at least 4 to 5 days a week.  That is just too many to have.  I did forget the prescription for the tummy medicine at the ER though.  That upsets me.  I didn't mean to forget but I didn't put it on my purse like I normally would.  Oh well, I don't think they would send it to me.

I am rather tired because of not having much sleep on Tuesday and last night too.  Ugh, at least I can sleep in tomorrow!  That is good!

Well, I am waiting for the weatherman to tell me what kind of weather we will have for the rest of the week then I am heading for bed.  I will read a bit too.

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  1. I hope you get to feeling better ASAP! Headaches suck! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I did have a great time getting to see some of the places mentioned in Iles' books! Toronto would be fun, too! Of course there isn't a beach there right? Lol! Catch up with you soon!