Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday 3-5

I got mad at my car yesterday because of the repairs that need to be done so I went online to see what kind of value the little red car had.  I received a call from a car salesman.  I went to see how much the car would cost and things like that.  Well, after careful consideration and calming down, I realized that fixing the alternator is much cheaper than a car payment.  As nice as the 2012 focus is, it really isn't practical or necessary to get a new car.  I mean, the car is 6 years old, in good condition, and only has 55,600 miles on it, which is why they are so anxious to have my car.  However, with a cool head, I have decided to just fix the little car and go from there.  I also talked it over with Bob before I made my final decision.  He also agreed that it was better to wait to get a car when I don't really need a new one right now.  So I will keep the little red car and drive her for a longer time.

I woke up again, with a bad headache.  It finally went down about 3:30 or so.  My tummy was so upset most of the day.  I actually thought I was going to be sick at the car dealers.  Fortunately, I didn't and the water helped calm down the tummy.  It is still a little off now.  I figure it will be better by bedtime or I am hoping it will be better.

Bob did very well with his lesson.  His spring concert song is really coming along nicely.  I am pleased with his progress.  Little Rachel is learning a new hand position.  She is working on G position and can read the new notes pretty well for just getting the hand position last week.  Isaac is learning to play 2 notes at one time.  Next week he will start with playing both hands at the same time.  He will need a new classical piece next week.  Overall, most of the students are doing really well and most practice.  I do have a few piano students who don't practice and that is frustrating to me.  I don't understand how the parents and students expect to learn and retain the info without practicing.  The kids are cute and all, and for not practicing they do advanced but it is very, very, very slow, especially for the youngest ones.  For the 4 1/2 year old that doesn't practice, we often do the same pages for a few weeks before adding a new page.  He can imitate anything I play for him, but he doesn't understand how the read the music on the page.  His brother is doing a bit better since he is older but not by much.  On the other hand, my other 2 young students are doing very well.  I think much of the difference is that my young man 4 year old cannot read yet but the other 2 4 year olds can read.  I believe that makes a big difference as well as the fact the the other 2 4 year olds practice almost every day.  Anyways, it was a nice Monday for lessons.

Tomorrow I will take my little car in to be fixed.  Poor little car.  She almost was traded in.  I like the car again.  I am not mad at it anymore.  Sometimes I need to calm down and think about things before reacting to them.  That is all the trip to the dealer was about, pure and simple.  It was about a reaction because I have to put more money in the car.  It has been a good little car and I am sure she will continue to be a good little car.

I hope your day has been a good one.


  1. Nausea is the hardest thing to deal with. Hope you're feeling better x

  2. Heather, its almost always cheaper to fix a car than buy a new one with the payment..unless its a 12 year old car with 200,000 miles on it like my Oldsmobile Intrigue. when it finally conked out last spring, we sold it to a mechanic, and we bought a 2009 I have car payment again, but we had to do something...I look forward to paying the car off when I get my social security settlement..over $400 a month!

    PS hope you feel better, sweets!