Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday 3-16

It was so beautiful again today, mid 70s, sunshine, clear skies!  I only wish my mother was here with me to enjoy it.  It is the type of day she would say to me, let's go for a scooter!  She would walk and I would ride my scooter.  We loved these type days together.  We had so many of them that I can think of.  Mom loved nature so much.  When we were small, she would take us for walks to see flowers, trees, cloud patterns, anything like that.  We would be so into whatever she was showing us.  At one time, I could tell you all the cloud patterns, unfortunately, I can't do that anymore.  I still love nature though.  One time, we were walking through the park nature path, we saw a baby deer and a doe.  We must have been about 5 or 6 at the time.  We stood really quiet so we wouldn't scare them away.  I remember think that it was one of the most beautiful sights I had ever seen.  We camped a lot when I was young too.  One summer, I think it was 1977, we spent most of the summer living in a tent.  We had a big cabin size tent to sleep in and another tent was the kitchen tent with a fridge.  It was a carefree summer for us kids, but the worst summer for mom since my so called father was making her life miserable.  He even tried to kidnap us.  He would eventually kidnap my older brother about a year or so later.  He showed up at the camp and our sitter, Susan, went to the office to call my mother.  My mom had to have a helicopter come and get her so she could get to us right away.  The guards went to the front of the camp so he could not leave with us.  (we were at an Army Cadet Camp).  The campground was on lockdown so we would be safe.  I remember being surprised to see my momma during the day.  She literally ran through the woods to the helicopter and then went back to the camp to get her car to get to us.  My dad had no idea that Susan had called my mom.  I think he expected to be able to take us without any problem.  WRONG!  Mom had plans in effect should he show up.  It is hard to look back and realize that he only wanted to kidnap us to hurt my mother.  He didn't want us and neither did his new wife.  My dad didn't want us but he DID want to hurt my mother and he tried, but she was strong.  She came through it with us intact.  It was hard, but eventually my father did return my brother, but it would be a long time.  It seemed to me that he was gone for years, but I don't really have a good sense of time from back them.  Anyways, for me, it was one of the best summers, but it was the worst for mom.  To me it shows how much she didn't want us to know what was going on.  We were upset enough with what we did know.

Today was just one of those days that I wish mom were here to enjoy it with me.  I have lots of those days.

Emily had her piano lesson today and stayed a bit late to work on the group song.  she did very well.  I hope to work on it with Camille tomorrow.  Tomorrow night, Kelly Lynn and I are going to see our friend, Star, in her play in Roseville.  I hope that I am feeling good tomorrow.  So far, it seems I have not gotten the cold although I am exhausted today.  I really slept in this afternoon and when I got back from running errands, I had to take a brief nap before Emily's lesson.  It is just insane!  My throat doesn't feel like it did last night, but my nose is a bit stuffy.  I have a bad headache, I think because of the stuffiness.  I hope by tomorrow I will be feeling back to normal.  That is my goal for tomorrow!

It has been a decent day, despite the extra exhaustion and the missing of mom a lot today.  I hope yours has been good too.

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  1. Hugs to you ... big ones. Sending lots of love as I know missing mom can be a bit hard ... .

    Be blessed bunches,

    PS Enjoy the rain ...