Saturday, March 10, 2012

Saturday 3-10

Next week will be Calli's 12th birthday.  It is hard to believe the young lady will be 12.  Lily just turned 14, another surprise.  I wonder when I will be able to take the young lady out for her birthday.  I hope in the next week or so.

I checked on prices for Guinea Pigs but I can't afford the stuff the little animals need so no Guinea Pigs at this point.  I am glad I checked into it because I was so unsure about whether or not I wanted one.  Apparently, they smell so I don't think I will get one at all.  I don't want my house to smell at all.  It would not be fun.  I guess my beanie babies will be my pets then.  I like beanie babies and Winnie the Pooh animals too.  Right now, all the stuffed animals, beanie babies, and Winnie and friends are all on the piano I don't use right now.  That piano has something wrong with its middle C or D, one of the two, I can't remember which one.  As soon as I have the pianos tuned, it will be fixed.  Sometimes on the piano I am usually using, one of the keys echoes but not very often.  I plan to have the pianos tuned in the spring after winter.  They haven't been tuned in a couple of years.  For not being tuned, they are not badly out of tune, thank goodness!  They are only slightly out of tuned so they are still useable, thankfully.  So far, I think I am the only one who really notices except perhaps Acer, who has perfect pitch.  Speaking of Acer, he is doing a good job at his piano and voice lessons.  He learned the first line of "Windmill" and started the group song for the concert.  I think the group song will be pretty awesome.  We have never done a group song that has harmony before.  Usually, I pick a song and then everyone pretty much already knows it.  I pass out the words and then they sing.  This is something totally different.  We will have rehearsals and everything so it will be ready for the concert.

We lose an hour of sleep tonight.  Yuck.  I hate losing an hour of sleep.  It takes so long to actually get used to it although I am confident this year it will be better or so I am hoping!  I am not as tired as I thought I would since I as up super early yesterday and went to bed at regular time.  I did sleep a bit better than usual for a few hours, which was so awesome.  I was very tired when i woke up for my lovely Camille's piano lesson.  I had originally thought I would take a little nap after Camille's lesson but I had lunch and then Aaiyana was here for her lesson so no time for a nap.  That is alright though, I would rather have the lesson than a nap today.  Aaiyana is a sweet girl most of the time.  Camille is simply a wonderful girl, just simply wonderful.  I have a lot of wonderful girls and boys as well as adults.  Tomorrow is a meeting for the Michigan Music Association.  It is the wrap up meeting from the competition.  If my Aunt and Uncle come to see me tomorrow, I won't go to the meeting.  I would rather visit them instead.  I don't get to see them very often since they live an hour and a half away.  I do go and visit.  I plan to see them a lot during the spring and summer.  That is when they have a lot of family visiting.   They have a pool but I am not interested in swimming.  When I as younger, then I was interested but not now.  The last time I swam in Uncle John's pool I got a bad sunburn on my back.  It was horrible and Mom was on vacation.  I had to have Andrew get me some sunburn stuff and put it on my back.  He couldn't believe how bad it really was.  I didn't realize I was burning or I would have covered up.  My cousin, Cathy and her children were there that day too.  I hope to see her soon too.  Maybe this summer.  I don't have anywhere I plan to go this summer except for a few days at Kathy's.  I always stay at a hotel right near their house.  I usually pick one that has a indoor pool so the kids and Tony can swim while Kathy and I chat.  I enjoyed visiting her last year although I didn't get a chance to go and see her in the summer.  I had gone in the fall of 2010.  I really enjoyed going to see her when I was at competition.  I was able to spend the Friday afternoon and the Saturday evening with her.  I was so exhausted by Sunday afternoon.

II's Diamond Jubilee.  It is pretty cool that she will be there for that.  I will watch a lot of it on TV.  I am sure they will televise it.  Amazon carries the coffee mug of the wedding of William and Catherine.  I believe we have a tea cup of Charles and Diana.  Mom and I were royal family fans.  I think it is the Brit and Canadian in me.  For mom, she was in the Canadian Military so it isn't surprising.  I have been lucky enough to have seen Queen Elizabeth as a teenager and the Queen Mother twice as a child and teen.  All three trips were extremely exciting to me.

I think tomorrow I will also start putting the china cabinet stuff back in it.  Some of the stuff was packed because my cousins were certain I was moving to Canada.  I am not moving anywhere so I need to put the stuff back in the cabinet where it belongs.  I have to go through the collectible thimbles though because I know there are some duplicates.  I don't know what to do with the duplicates.  I had asked Lily if she wanted the duplicates but she didn't seem to interested.  I have asked on face book if anyone wants them.  I am hoping that someone will want them.  Most of them are very pretty.  I also have to put the plates back up at the back of the china cabinet so they will be displayed.  I have one of the queen Mother and one of the Queen too.

I caught my hair on the garage door opener in the car this afternoon.  It hurt so much and pulled some of my hair out.  The clip is what caught my hair in the ponytail.  Fortunately, I was able to get my hair out it pretty fast.  I hope I don't do it again.

I have a semi bad headache tonight.  I think in part because of the hair getting caught in the clip of the garage door opener.  My back isn't as sore as it was last night.  Brain fog is not as bad as the other day, but it is a problem a lot of time.

I think I am going to go to sleep now.  I am super exhausted now.  I have some laundry to do tomorrow as well as a meeting (unless my uncle and aunt come to town).  I hope your day is good too.

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