Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday 3-2

Mariela was here this afternoon.  She is doing a pretty good job.  I am pleased with it.  My floors get vacuumed and scrubbed along with the bathrooms.  All in all, I am really glad that I got her to help me.  It is well worth the money.  I also really like her.  She is very nice.

My car has the battery light coming on and off.  I sure hope it isn't too expensive because I can't afford to fix an expensive fix.  I don't think so though.  If it needs a new battery, they are not that expensive or at least I hope they aren't.  I think they are about $125, which is expensive, but not like brakes.  Ugh, more car repairs.  I am not ready to get a new car at this point so I will hopefully fix the light situation and then nothing else will go wrong.  Yuck, car repairs!  I am not ready for a car payment again at this point.  I am just not ready.  I am not in a financial position to get another car besides, I don't have a lot of mileage on the car at this point anyway so I don't see the point of getting a new car.  I am taking the car in after Camille's lesson tomorrow.  I already called the auto repair place so they know I am bringing it in.

Acer had his lesson today but Calli is ill so she didn't have her lesson.  Acer was kind of funny when he said he didn't want to sing the group song.  Bill laughed too and said he was singing it anyway.  Acer did.  He wants to sing the harmony parts too.  Emily picked her Spring Concert song tonight.  She is going to play The Bare Necessities from Jungle Book.  I like the song.  Camille is going to pick hers tomorrow during her lesson.  I don't have any lessons on Sunday for a while.  Rick is in Hawaii for a couple months so Sundays are free for a bit.  This Sunday, I have Deema, Wama, and family coming for dinner.  I am going to make a rice or potato dish and vegetables.  I just haven't decided what to make yet.  It is a rough decision of what to make for dinner.  I am also going to have some nice fresh bread.  I will go to the grocery store tomorrow after the car gets taken care of.

I catalogued some music today.  I also discovered that one of the ones I thought wasn't done, really was so I had to change the number on the music.  One book I can't find right now.  I know it isn't too far away, I know it isn't.  I just can't find it right this minute.  I am sure I will find it soon.  I have to copy the CDs too.  I did burn some CDs today while Mariela was here.  I actually got some work done.

I got a call from the doctor today about the tramadol medicine.  I finally have some!  Apparently, the pharmacy made a mistake and should have marked 2 refills not 1 so she did refill my medicine.  She was a little confused about this too but it got taken care of and that is the important thing.  I am not as dizzy or as lightheaded now that I have all my medicines.  It is awful when you are missing your medicines.  I do have a bad headache tonight but not as bad as they can get so I am glad about that.

I hope your day is going good.

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