Saturday, March 3, 2012

more to fix on the little red car! ugh! 3-3

I had to get a new battery today, unfortunately, I also need a new alternator.  Ugh, I hope this is the end for a while as I will NOT have anymore room on the emergency credit cards.  Oh, my irresponsibility!  I could just scream at myself over this!  I have credit cards for emergency use only, yet, since I have gotten then (I think in the fall), I have used them for non emergency use.  Now some of it was for emergency use such as needing new batteries for the scooter and the toilet to be fixed but that is all!  I will spend the next year paying them off as soon as possible and then leaving them in the safe!  If I can't pay cash, I can't get it.  That has been my motto for several years and until I received the new cards, that was what I did.  Then the cards came my way.  Oh my, what can I say?  I have been reckless and irresponsible.  I will fix that and go back to my thrifty ways.  I liked that I paid cash with everything.  I really did.  It made me feel good about my finances, now I do not feel good again about them.  I will fix this.  Also, 2 of my non-online students quit today.  Their old piano teacher retired rather abruptly so then they came to me, well she is taking a few students back on so they are going back to her.  I totally understood, it is just a drag and I really like these girls a lot.  I have a feeling they will be back soon, I just don't know how long.  Their mom would like to continue with me when that happens.  I have no problem with that.  Until then, I will just miss my girls.

So far almost everyone has picked their Spring Concert song except for Calli, Aggie, Laith, Natalie, and Selma.  They are the only ones left who need to do this.  I have copied a few CD with the group song on it and will be making copies of the music for the students next week.  We will need to have a couple of rehearsals for this to work well.  I am confident that it will be awesome and the students will sing beautifully.  Oh, I just remembered, David needs to pick his out too.  Anyways, the spring concert is shaping up really well.  I can't wait to see how the students dress up for it.  I don't expect every student to dress up, just some but they all can if the wish.  I hope I don't forget my camera this time.

Camille is doing super for piano.  She is progressing so beautifully.  I am so pleased with her.  I really am.  She is just jamming away.  She picked her song this afternoon.  her little sisters have been invited to sing with the group at the concert.  One of them, Ella, loves to sing and she can start lessons this fall.  I just love my students!

Tomorrow, I have Deema, Wama, Lulu, and their mother coming for dinner.  I bought fresh broccoli and I have mashed potatoes ready to go.  I will also cook another vegetable for the dinner too.  I may make some pasta instead of mashed potatoes but I am not sure.  I have a nice coffee cake for dessert and rolls to complete the meal.  Overall, I am looking forward to it.  It should be a great afternoon, I think!  I think they are coming around 2 ish but I am not totally sure.  I am planning dinner to be ready for 4 pm so they may come around then since their mom is bringing the meat.  I hope they like what I am cooking.  I really do.  Two chances, I suppose, as my lovely, beautiful, wonderful momma used to say.  Two chances, either they will or they won't.  I am just looking forward to spending some time with them.  They will be moving back to Dubai at the end of the school year.  I will miss them so much!  They are great girls, all 3 of them.  Only 2 take piano.  Lulu (age 4), is still a bit too young.  She is a charmer though!  They all are.

It will be weird to go back to no lessons on Sunday for a while.  Rick is in Hawaii for the rest of the winter.  He will be back in the middle of May, just in time for the recital!  I don't mind having one or so lessons on Sunday, as long as it isn't too many because that would be too exhausting for me.  It is rather annoying that I must always consider the illnesses I have with whatever I do.  I try to be in charge of my life, not them, but I do have to be reasonable about it.  I have managed to stay out of the hospital since the last ER visit in October but if I am not careful, bam!  I will be back in for a few days.  It is truly annoying at times but since it could be so much worse than it is, I will just deal with what I have and be thankful it isn't any worse.  I could not be able to teach at all and that would break my heart completely as I love teaching so much.  I am thankful that my dance teacher, when I was 18, pushed me into teaching.  If it had been left up to me, I would probably never started teaching.  Mom helped a lot too because she taught me how to do a lesson plan whereas Karen, my dance teacher, just left me hanging.  The first few months were horrible because I didn't have much of an idea of what I was doing.  Now I can teach some of the songs, both piano and voice, in my sleep, that is how well I know a lot of this music.

I have to clear of my little round table now for tomorrow.  I have been busy burning CDs so I have CDs all over the table.  I am going to take them into the living room and them move the new books too so I will have an empty table tomorrow night for dinner!

I do hope that today was so much fun for you!!!

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