Sunday, May 20, 2012

Concert Day 5-20

It was the Concert today!!!  All my students did so well!  One of my newest students, Brooke, went up there and place her hands at the proper place, but she didn't start to play!  I went up and she said she was fine, but then we sent Jillian (her twin) up and apparently, Miss Brooke was needing the music.  Oops!  After a long pause, Brooke played her song beautifully!  I am so proud of all my students.  We had some students who just wore nice outfits and others wore costumes.  The lovely Muglia girls and Isaac all dressed as Harry Potter characters while Brooke, Jillian, and Aubrey all dressed as Disney Princesses.  I was very happy that some had costumes.  All in all, I think it went very well.  I am thankful it went well and now it is over.  I went to go to Chipotles to pick up dinner but the line was very long so I drove thru Panera and got soup and a salad.  I love salads a lot.  I decided that at this point, I must lose weight so I will have the doctor adjust my blood thinners for me to eat salads almost everyday.  I have to eat more veggies and salads are the best way to do this so that is what I will do.  I also have given up all fast food because that has helped with the gaining of poundage.  Well, anyways, it was a lovely afternoon with a nice dinner while reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.  I am in the middle of re-reading all of them again.  I am on number 3 right now.

My lovely Natalie wants to start voice lessons tomorrow.  I have to copy some music for her.  I think she will do well.  She just wants the basics so that is what I will give her.  We are going to start with a couple of Broadway songs.  I am thinking of giving her Feed the Birds and another Disney piece.  I am not sure about an Italian song although it is what I give students her age.  Natalie is a wonderful pianist.  She is doing very well with her music.  I also had her and her sister, Hannah create the Spring Concert Program. I had 2 covers, one by Hannah and the other by Natalie.  The program covers turned out quite nicely.  I had asked Charlie for some pictures and a paragraph about himself for the program.  I called yesterday because I still didn't have it.  Turns out the email went to spam instead of my email.  I got the pictures and the paragraph in time so that ended okay too.  Usually, I have a newsletter spotlighting the senior, but since I have no reason to have a newsletter, I had the Senior Spotlight on the Spring concert program instead.  It worked out well.

Oh my!  My legs and hips are rather sore tonight because of the walking at the concert and my new flats, mostly the up and down to the piano and back.  I have the usual, after concert headache, which is not a surprise as this happens after every concert.  I think the stress of getting ready for the concert adds to the extra headache.  It is hard to tell with me.  One never knows.  Army Wives will be on in about 35 minutes so that will be good.  I love that show a lot.  It is a nice one.


  1. I'm so glad the concert went sounds like fun. Love Panera, I think I could eat salad and bread/soup everyday of my life! Enjoy Army Wives, I watched the first season and then stopped, I don't know why because I know it's a good show.

  2. I'm so happy the concert went well! I'd say it's a pretty stressful thing to organise.