Saturday, May 5, 2012

Saturday - 5 - 5

I had lunch/dinner with Laura.  It was alright.  I had a nice visit.  Afterwards, I went to get gas and go to Walmart to pick up some medicine and a few other grocery items.  I needed some mashed potatoes (I like the pre-made Bob Evans type), meat, pasta, etc...  $95 later, I was finished.  I couldn't believe I spent that much so quickly, but it was all on medicine or food (except for the Time Magazine special edition on the Queen of England and her 60 year reign).  I am working on eating at home more often so I can save a little more money and be able to pay both the tax payment and the rest of the new sink.  I know I can do this.  I am pretty positive that if I am careful, I will be just fine!  It will just take a bit of thought and discipline so I can do this.

I spoke to my friend, Donna on the phone this evening too.  We were talking so long, my phone died.  Yes, that long.  (It didn't seem like it was that long)  Apparently, we were on the phone for about 2 or so hours.  I need a new battery for my phone but I keep forgetting to get one.  There is a battery store right up the street from me so it isn't like it is far away.  I just don't think about it until the little phone dies like a while ago tonight.  What can I say?  Out of sight and out of mind with me!

Tomorrow my Aunt Michelle and Uncle John will be coming over.  I am excited about this.  I haven't seen them in a couple of months so this will be awesomely fun.  They are coming over after church tomorrow.  Their church is at 9 am while mine is at 8:30 am.  Next Sunday, I am picking my friend, Donna up at 7:15 am for church that day.  I have to pick her up super early because I have to be there an hour before the service.  She says she doesn't mind so hey, okay, I will pick her up early.  I am not sure if she will need her walker or her wheelchair.  I guess we will figure it out that day.  I am anxious to see my aunt and my uncle to have some good visit time and also with my small cousin, Jayson.  He is 5 now and such a doll.  He is really cute and pretty well behaved for a 5 year old.  I don't know if we will go out to eat or not, but I have food in the house if we don't.  I can make a pasta dish or a roast or chicken.  I did just shop a bit so that is good.  I am all set for company, I will just have to clear the table because, as usual, it is totally covered with music, DVDs, and bills.  I have a bill file, but I can't say I use it all the time.  Okay, I still find myself tossing the bills behind my computer on the table instead of opening them and placing them in the bill file folder.  yeah, I am working on that.  I am better than I was, but still not where I want to be.

Pain level is a bit higher than usual tonight.  I think it might rain tonight.  There is a possibility and my aching bones say so too.  My head is a bit sorer than usual tonight too.  I am getting bad headaches several days a week now instead of just once or twice like before.  I have the everyday headache, but I can usually work with it most of the time for short spurts.  If I rest in between lessons, then I am okay.  It is the days with the bad headaches and no rest between lessons that are bad.  Fortunately, I am able to schedule some down time on busy days and most days are only a few lessons.  I can only teach a few lessons a day because it is too much for me.  It is hard to believe that only about 5 years ago, I could teach 50 to 60 lessons a week, six days a week.  Now, a week full of about 20 lessons are just enough. I still teach everyday except for Sundays, and even then sometimes I have one student or a make up lesson, generally.  I do love teaching, I just can't teach as much as I used to.

I am also very tired tonight too so I will be going to bed early.  I plan to get up in time for church tomorrow.  I am glad I am back into the habit of going to church again.  The week always starts off better if I go to church on Sunday not to mention I simply love singing in the choir.  It is wonderful to be able to sing in a choir again.  I had to stop singing in the choir when it became too hard for Mom.  She loved me singing in the choir.  No matter what choir I was in, Mom could always pick my voice out.  She was attuned to my voice when I was young.  What else are Moms for?  Next Sunday will be the 2nd Mother's Day that Momma is spending in Heaven.  I wonder what kind of celebration they have for Mother's Day?

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