Wednesday, May 30, 2012

physical therapy evaluation 5-30

Today was the evaluation of Physical Therapy.  I met with the Therapist who will be working for me.  We have 4 goals: to be able to stand longer, walk farther and longer, vacuum and scrub my own floors, and I can't remember the other one.  I am looking forward to learning the exercises that will help lesson the pain of arthritis.  I need help for sure since I can't take my arthritis medicine anymore because of the ulcer.  I suspected that but now I know for sure.  I hope that this really works.  Last time I went to Physical Therapy, I remember it did help but I don't do all those exercises anymore.  I liked the Therapist and he seemed confident that he can help me.  I figure between the Physical Therapy and the eating healthy, I should have some relief from the pain.

My lovely twins did very well in their piano lessons tonight as did their older sister, Aubrey.  Brooke and Jillian have learned the new hand position so I am very happy that they are happy again.  The three girls are so cute and interested in learning.  It is so nice to be able to teach children who so want to learn.  Tomorrow I have 6 lessons.  Thursdays are my biggest days, not only because of lessons but also because of choir practice.  Tomorrow I will not be in choir practice because of the sub division annual meeting.  I have to remember to bring my checkbook to pay my yearly dues.  I look forward to the meeting and seeing neighbors.  I will miss choir though since I like it so much.

I have been feeling a bit better these days as far as sadness is going.  I still miss my mother terribly and all the time, but I find that I can enjoy myself at times and not cry as much.  It is still hard for some things, but I figure they will get easier.  With the new goals that I have, I feel a bit stronger about the future, something I couldn't do about a month ago.  I am not sure how long this will last as mourning seems to be step forward, little step back, step forward, little step back.  Today, I am doing okay with all this.  A friend from high school just recently lost her mother.  The funeral and stuff were last week.  I couldn't read too much of what she was writing because it reminded me of Mom and her funeral.  Her mom was my 5th grade math teacher.  She hadn't been healthy in the last few years though.

I had the Arthritis doctor appointment today before the Physical Therapy.  I hadn't stopped taking the meloxicam until today because it didn't occur to me to stop.  I am not sure that is what caused the ulcer, but it is possible, since it can happen.  I will find out how the ulcer is healing next month on the 21st.  I am not looking forward to that but I will go and get it done.  I have to get X-rays on both hands.  Since I have no lessons on Saturday and Sunday, I will go on Saturday to get the X-rays.  You don't have to make an appointment, you just walk in and sign in.  I have the X-ray orders so that is all I need.

I have found myself heading to bed earlier than usual these past few weeks.  I am getting up early too, which is so not like me.  I am not minding though because sometimes I am awake a bit longer during the day so that is a good thing.

Since I don't have lessons this weekend, I am hoping to meet up with some of my friends.  I haven't seen them in a while.  I just have to wait to see what their schedule is for the weekend.  Sunday, of course, will be church, but after that, I am free for the day.

It is a bit colder now this week than it was last week.  Tomorrow is supposed to be in the low 60s.  Back to wearing pants instead of shorts.  I don't mind.  I have shorts waiting to be washed.  I can do this on the weekend.  Ugh, laundry!  I have plenty to wash.  I will be busy washing laundry this weekend.


  1. Good luck with physical therapy...I'm sure it will help! It's supposed to be in the 60s here, too. Unfortunately I have put away all my cool weather clothes! Oh well, maybe I'll have to do some shopping!

  2. Since you have ulcer, I suggest you focus on exercising. Actually, up to now, researchers are having a hard time finding the reason behind why Fibromyalgia (FMS) and Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) often go together. Though, some scientists believe that chronic pain, from RA or other sources, can lead to FMS - they are still not sure yet.

    Candy Rowe

  3. Exercising is the best way to ease the pain of arthritis because this will help your joints to be stretched, and will help you stabilize your muscles. This will prevent parts of your body from stiffness and avoid strains on your smaller joints. If you feel pain as you do some exercises, you take a break. It’s important that you do not overdo it, so just perform those easy routine for you.

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