Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tuesday 5-22

It is the usual NCIS and NCIS Los Angeles night here in the house.  For some unknown reason, NCIS Los Angeles is on first followed by 2 episodes of NCIS.  It doesn't really matter to me what order they are in, not one bit!

It was a very light day for teaching, only 2 lessons, my little Samuel and my little Rahul.  Sam is 5 and Rahul is 4.  Both are very cute.  Rahul has this cute habit of leaning on me when we are doing his workbook.  It is quite cute and he is such a cutie.  He also has no problem walking on me to put the crayons away or to get the crayons.  He just walks on my legs, which actually does hurt because of the fibro but I don't say anything because he is so small.  Charlie and David are both absent today.  Charlie is at Cedar Point.  Today was definitely a better day for Cedar Point than yesterday as today is cooler and yesterday was so warm at about 82 degrees.  I am not surprise it is as warm as it has been since winter was so warm.  I foresee a hot, sticky summer.  That I am not too happy about but I will stay in my nice and air conditioned house.

I haven't been sleeping too well lately.  I have switched back to Tylenol PM hoping that would help, but it didn't so tomorrow I will go and get some Advil PM.  I ran out of Advil PM, which is part of the reason I switched to the other, but since it doesn't work too well, I am switching back.  It has been taking at least about 3 hours to fall asleep.  I will doze for a bit and then I will have to get up and out of bed to get rid of the extra pain before crawling back into bed.  It is getting a bit ridicules now.  I am hoping for a better night sleep tonight.  One can dream, can't they?  I can and do.

I just checked the movie guide.  Mirror Mirror is still playing!  Thank goodness!  I am so glad about that!  So I have messaged the girls to see if the time I picked will work with their schedules.  I figure we can go and get ice cream (for them, not for me) or something like that after the movie.  I love my girls!  We should have a good time, I think and we will see a good movie too.  I am not sure how many students I will have on Monday, since it is a holiday, but I am hoping at least a few.  Rachel will be absent and I am not sure if Isaac will be having his lesson, but i will find out as we get closer to the weekend.

I am getting tired now.  I may try to go to bed shortly instead of waiting until the regular bedtime.  The woman who does the vacuuming and scrubbing for me is coming tomorrow.  I have her come once a month to help.  It really helps me a lot because I have such a hard time doing the vacuuming and scrubbing myself.  She does a decent job so I am happy about that.

I finally received a phone call about physical therapy.  I am going to go to one session and see how much it is going to cost me because if it is too much, then I can't do it.  Although, I am not feeling as bad as I was when i saw the arthritis doctor in March so maybe that was a good thing.  I DO hope that I can try physical therapy because I do think it will help.

I am now on the 4th Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.  I love Harry Potter books.  I simply do.

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