Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesday 5-15

Tonight is NCIS night.  I am relieved to find out that my beloved NCIS WILL be back next season.  I am so glad about that as I totally love that show.  The season finale was amazing and of course, a cliff hanger, which generally I don't care for but I have no choice in the decision to make them.  NCIS Los Angeles is on right now and it is a 2 hour season finale.  I love that show too.  They are my favorites at this point.  Mom liked them a lot too until she couldn't handle TV anymore.  I used to buy them on DVD but since I am able to pretty much watch them all, it isn't necessary to buy them plus they show the re-runs on USA.

It was so nice out today.  The sun was shining and a beautiful light breeze.  Oh my, was it wonderful!  I had to go and get some music today for my new student on Thursday.  She is a neighbor girl and I am very excited about this.  I have seen the young lady before and I have been at her house, but we have not been formally introduced yet.  Her mom is on the board of the subdivision like I am.  She is very nice.  I don't have much room for many more students, but I do have some room.

One of my student's mom was diagnosed with Breast Cancer just last week.  Wow, I am stunned.  It is always a shock to be diagnosed with cancer because no one expects this type of diagnose.  Jasmin is such a nice woman.  She is a doctor.  Jasmin delivers babies.  Laith seems to be taking it okay but he is only 7. He is a darling of a student but a bit of a mischievous young man.  He likes to come in the house and pretty much dive to the couch, which of course means I have to go and get him.  This is his plan, of course.  I get him and put him on the piano bench and during the lesson he tries to get away to the couch. He has been doing this for a couple of months now.  Generally, his mom does not like that he does this, but that doesn't seem to faze the young man.  Once in a while, I do get upset with him on this and then he behaves very well, but generally, he plays in between the escapes so I don't complain too much and he does come back to the chair when I ask him to.  Charlie had his lesson today too.  He was absent last week.  Next week he will have an hour lesson to make up for missing last week.  We will actually be having 2 one hour lessons in a row to make up for another missed lesson.  I love how he makes up the lessons instead of just being absent.  David had his lesson and a make up lesson for last week.  I have to copy some music for him next week plus his sight reading papers.

I just realize (as I looked at my planner) I am having lunch with my friend, Jennie!  I am so excited about this.  I had to cancel last month because of Breanna and Katie's practice with the pianist for the audition.  I am glad I didn't have to cancel this month.  She is so busy with the family that we would have to wait until next month so I am glad we are going to be able to meet tomorrow.  I only have a few lessons tomorrow.

The first hour of NCIS Los Angeles is over now.  So far, the mysterious killer has killed about 3 NCIS agents.  I think, but I am not sure, (according to the previews) Sam gets killed.  I don't like it when they do that.  I really like that character a lot.  Okay - good news, he is NOT dead and didn't get blown up in the warehouse.  I am rather glad about that.

Pain level is normal today.  My hands and feet get numb so easy these days depending on what I am sitting on or what i am doing.  Sometimes, when I type on the computer my hand goes numb.  I just don't know.  It is just a part of Fibro, I think.  When I was taking Effexor, it did help with the numbness but not too much for the pain.  I stopped taking it in 2008 because I couldn't afford the medicine.  Once I was off it, it didn't seem too different except for the numbing of hands and feet.  I don't take an anti-depressant at this time.  I tried Lyrica too.  Oh my, I don't think it worked all that well but I did manage to gain about 80 pounds on it, give or take a few pounds.  I have NOT managed to lose those added pounds either so that kind of stinks.  I do hope by the end of summer to have some of those awful pounds gone.  That is my goal.  I will also eat at home more like tonight.

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  1. it sounds like they are cleaning house on NCIS with the killing off of so many characters. It also sounds like you and I have tried most medication there is for depression and the numbness/tingling...Lyrica made me gain weight too. So far gabapentin is helping with the tingling so I'll probably keep on with that one, just stop with the weight gain already!!!