Monday, May 7, 2012

the start of a new musical week 5-7

I love teaching.  I just wish that I could teach as much as I use too, but with the reality of fibromyalgia and other illnesses, it just isn't possible.  I used to be able to teach 50 to 60 students a week and some of them were hour long lessons or the student took 2 instruments.  However, as much as I lament what I used to be able to do, I am very, very, very thankful for what little I can do.  It keeps me busy so it is a good thing.

I am so tired tonight.  I did get a nap in but I am still very tired.  I will definitely be going to bed early tonight.  My head isn't so bad tonight, just the usual headache.  It seems so weird to think that a headache everyday is just normal.  Really, it shouldn't be, but for me, it is.  I know so many that this is the normal too.

Isaac had both his lessons this afternoon.  He plays piano and sings.  For the spring concert, Isaac is playing "Hedwig's Theme" from Harry Potter and is singing "Be Kind to Your Parents".  I think he will do very well.  Antoinette had her piano lesson.  I asked her if she was working on the group song but she wasn't because I forgot to give it too her.  Yup, whoops!  I didn't mean to forget so I quickly printed off the words and gave her a disc.  I sure hope I haven't forgot to give the disc to anyone else.  I guess I will find out this week.  I am printing the spring concert info flyer right now.  I am excited about the concert.  Everyone only gets to perform 1 solo though because I have too many students for each to perform 2 solos.  We discovered that at Christmas.  There is the group song and one duet.  Natalie and Allison are singing "My Favorite Things" as a duet.  It should be rather fun.  Selma had her lesson this evening too.  She is almost ready for level 2 along with Laith, Emily, and Antoinette.  I will have to get the music tomorrow for Laith.  He is the closest to being finished with his books.

I am hoping by tomorrow I will be able to find out if my ulcer is from medicine or from bacteria.  I hope it isn't from my medicine because that will cause a big dilemma for me.  I need the medicine I take for pain management and digesting my food.  The medicine that may have caused the ulcer is the Meloxicam for Arthritis.  I sure hope it isn't from that because without the Meloxicam, I can't walk by the end of the day. I also, now, have the number for the physical therapy place that Dr. Aloot wants me to attend.  I will call them tomorrow and see if it is covered by medicare or not.  If it isn't covered, then I will not be able to get physical therapy because I can't afford it.  I do think it may be covered though so that is my hope.

I am going to read for a bit.  I hope your day is going well.

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  1. You're right to look at the bright side. To focus on what you can do rather than what you can't. Sometimes it's difficult though.

    Best of luck with the doctor :)