Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Usual Tuesday, NCIS 5-8

Tonight is NCIS night!  I love my Tuesday TV!  NCIS and NCIS Los Angeles are such good TV shows.  They are almost over for the season though.  I have missed a few episodes that I hope to catch in re-runs.

Today was a light day.  Both Charlie and David called to cancel lessons so I only had the little guys.  Laith is now starting level 2 and Samuel is about to start with level B.  Rahul started a new book a few weeks ago, he is in the little Mozart series.  He is doing okay, but would be doing better if he would practice.  I am hoping his dad will start practicing with him.  David won't be in the concert because of his work.  Since someone in his department will be on vacation that week, he has too work.  I am disappointed but I do understand.  Rahul is also not going to be in the concert as he is just not ready at this time.  His brother, Samuel, will be in the concert though.  I am having a rehearsal for the group number on Saturday in the afternoon.  We are going to practice both this Saturday and next Saturday.  I am anxious to see how this group song is going to work.  It is the very first time I have ever had all students (including piano and tenor sax students) sing in harmony.  It shall be interesting.  I sure hope it works out well!  If the students can't keep up with the harmony, I will just have them all sing the melody.  I just hope it does work out well!  I will find out this weekend.  It will be the first time any of them to sing it together so I am nervous of how it is going to work.  I can't believe the concert is less than 2 weeks away.  We have 33 numbers this time.  Several of the students take 2 instruments and I have a duet so that is why there are so many numbers.  I think it will be a good concert.  Of course, I don't think we have had a really bad concert, we have had some long concerts, but no bad ones.

I am getting a bad headache now.  It has been the regular pain one most of today, but now it is getting bad.  Thank goodness I am done teaching today.  I am going to take some headache medicine and head for bed early tonight.  I am not as tired as I was yesterday, though at this time I am tired.  I am usually tired at this time of night.  I usually try to last as much as possible to at least 11 if not 12, but I don't think tonight is going to be an 11 or a 12 night.  I just don't see it tonight.

I have to work on the subdivision newsletter now since I have been putting it off for a week now.  I hope your day was good and that you are having a good evening.

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