Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday 5-11

I finished cooking the corned beef in the crock pot this afternoon.  It tasted pretty yummy.  I didn't use the new bags I bought so after I empty the grease out and clean it out, I will be able to exchange it since the high setting doesn't work.  At least I finally cooked it.  It has been in the freezer for a while.

Tomorrow is laundry day and rehearsal day along with Camille's lesson.  I just called her mom and Camille can attend.  We will have a 1/2 hour to hang out while we wait for everyone to arrive.  I am nervous a bit about this rehearsal but it will go well, I am sure.  I am always a bit anxious when I am trying to something new.  I have much anxiety before a concert until it is completely over.  I have to remember to order Charlie's cookie.  I just wrote it in my planner.  I even wrote to pick up the cookie because that is half the job.  I have had some other anxiety the last few months too.  I am not sure why.  At least, as of tonight, I have not had an anxiety attack, thank goodness, just a lot of anxiety.  I am planning on talking to the doctor about it.  Some days it is okay and other days, it is bad.

Calli had her lesson first today.  Usually, Acer is first but Calli had a birthday overnight to go to.  She accidentally locked herself out of her bedroom.  They are hoping that Bill will be able to get into her room so they can drop some clothes off to Calli for the sleepover.  Calli was very excited about the party.  It is a classmate's birthday.  Acer did pretty well except he can't find the CD that has the song on it that we got higher.  This is a bad thing because that was the only copy.  I sure hope Bill did put it on his computer so that we have it.  Otherwise, we would have to use the original which is actually too low for Acer.  I do not want him to sing accapella though.  I want him to use music.  I sure hope Bill has it or knows where it is.

Next week I need to make sure I have all the students songs on my computer so I can make the disc for Bill for the concert.  All week I will be working and thinking about the concert since it is a week from Sunday.

Mother's Day is Sunday.  It is making me miss mom a lot since I always made a big deal out of Mother's Day.  We usually had a special dinner when we were younger and in my 20s.  When the boys moved out, I would take her to a movie and out for dinner.  The boys would always get her something nice too.  The last few years, I tried really hard to make it a great day for her.  I am dreading this day.  I would like to just stay in bed and completely pretend the day doesn't exist but that isn't a good and healthy thing.

I think I am coming down with a cold or something.  My ears are hurting a bit.  Last night it was the right ear and tonight it is the left one.  I hope it is nothing but one never knows.  My head hurts a bit more than usual tonight.

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