Sunday, May 6, 2012

Family day Sunday 5-6

My Aunt Michelle, Uncle John, and cousin Jayson were here this evening.  We went out to Logan's Roadhouse for dinner.  Oh my gosh!  Was it ever good!  I had a rib eye steak and my uncle had a t-bone.  I don't eat steak to often anymore, but boy it is yummy when I do.  After that we headed to Walmart so Michelle could pick up a few things she needs for a birthday party next week.  The little lady who is having the birthday likes Dora and Cinderella so Michelle picked up a few things for her.  I think she will be really happy with what she is getting.  I thought they were cute.  Michelle ended up accidentally leaving her wallet in the cart when we loaded the car so when we couldn't find it here, she called the store and then went to get it.  Someone was nice enough to turn it in.  Everything was still in it, thankfully.

I really enjoyed the evening with my aunt and uncle.  I have an old photo album that I didn't know who was in the pictures.  They start in 1921 and end at my parents' wedding.  There are, to my relief, several pictures of my mom as a toddler.  She was 3 in the pictures and there are about 6 or 7 of them.  She looks so adorable at that age.  She was making faces at the camera too so they are just too cute.  I am so thankful that I have them.  I plan to take them and get them enlarged so I can frame them.  They are the youngest pictures I have of Mom.  I know that at one time there was a baby picture of mom but I am not sure where it is.  The sun was starting to ruin it so Mom put it in a drawer.  I haven't seen it since and I was a teen when this happened.  I am hoping it is in one of the many boxes in the spare room.  I hope the family home movies are in there too.  I would like to take the slides and make them into a disc as well as the home movies too.  That is a job for next year though.  I have to save the money to get it done in the future.  There are also some nice pictures of Mom with my Uncle when he was a little boy.  Mom adored her baby brother and took care of him until he was about 5 or 6 when she joined the air force.

Tomorrow I need to work on the subdivision newsletter.  I plan to work on it tomorrow afternoon and have it ready to be printed by evening after lessons.  Mondays are a good day.  I have just enough lessons to fill the late afternoon and rest in between.  We are 2 weeks away from the spring concert so that is our main goal for all the lessons of the students who are planning to participate.  Only a couple of students can't.  Selma is one because she has dance at the same time.  I am disappointed but I do understand she already has another activity that she is committed too.  Selma is a very nice young lady.  Jayson played the piano a bit today.  I had forgotten that my uncle also had lessons as a child.  he doesn't remember too much about it.  I asked him if he remembered my mother playing the guitar and he did remember mom's guitar.  He doesn't remember her playing it, but he remembers the guitar.

I had a regular pain day so that was good thing since I had company.  My aunt had a bad headache earlier, but she took some medication so it is better.  My head is just the normal pain right now so that is good.  Church was good this morning.  I love all the songs we sang during the service.  We also had communion today.  We have it once a month.  Our choir director, Lee wanted to be the one to service us communion so the choir went back to the choir room instead of going into the service.  After communion, Carolyn and I went back into the sanctuary for the rest of the sermon.  It was on stealing and working hard.  It is a good series they are doing right now on sins.  Last weeks was on anger.  I do have a lot of that that I am trying to work through.  I am very angry (still) at my father for not only leaving us but what he did to my mother when they were getting a divorce.  He was just so out of control and mean.  I had no idea a person could be so mean to someone they once loved.  It was just awful.  I also am angry at a couple of extended family members because of past events.  I am NOT as angry as I was, but parts of me are still angry.  I am working on it.

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