Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday 5-18

I have the concert order done and who is announcing who.  However, I don't have the program finished yet.  I will work on that tomorrow and Sunday.  I do have to remember to get ink for the printer in case I run out in the middle of printing.  I am not sure how many to print.  There are 30 songs, but only 17 families so I am not sure how many.  I think 60 should be enough, then the students can have one each too.

I am working on losing weight.  That is my new thing since I got weighed at the doctors.  Yeah, needless to say I bet it is a miracle that I don't have diabetes.  My biggest problem is the vegetable food group.  I love vegetables but I really like salads.  The problem?  Lettuce has a lot of vitamin K, which would counter act the blood thinners I take for my blood disorder.  I am not sure if I should just have my medicine adjusted and eat the salads.  I just don't know.  It is a balancing act I am working on.  I have managed to mostly stop the drive thrus with bad food so that is good.  I am open to suggestions on what to do about this.  I have to lose weight or eventually it will be really bad for me.  I am not considering surgery at all because of the blood disorder and the massive amounts of side effects after the surgery.  It has been suggested to me but I am just not interested.  Also, it would take a year before I could have the surgery because of everything you have to do before the surgery.  I need to work on this with good food and increase exercise.  That always has worked for me.  I am hoping that when I lose the weight, I will be able to exercise more.  I have pulled out my Richard Simmons' Sit Tight DVD to help with the exercise part.  I am going to be doing some at night a few hours before bed from now on.  I just have to do this.  I tried last summer, but I didn't follow through.  This year (after getting weighed at the doctor's office) I have to.  I have just gained way too much weight.  I know a lot of it was from the Lyrica, but I was overweight before that and gained some since then.

I am still waiting for the physical therapy place to call me back with an appointment.  It has been over a week now.  I am not sure how much it is going to cost me either.

It will be a very busy weekend with the spring concert.

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