Friday, May 4, 2012

new sink in! 5-4

The new sink came in this afternoon and it looks so pretty!  It is very strange to have a white sink when the rest of the bathroom is the 60s green.  I don't mind though because I hope that some day I will be able to redo the whole bathroom (with the exception of the new sink, of course) with a white tub and a white toilet.  Right now, I am just thankful that they work beautifully and I am having no problem with them.  For that, I am one thankful lady!!!!!  God is good!!!!!  Even in this upset, He is good!  The company I had come and change the sink is a company we (meaning Mom and I) have used before.  They let me be on a payment plan, which I am not sure other companies would let me.  I am so glad about that.  It is definitely a blessing.

I woke up super early (for me) to wait for the plumber.  I forgot to check my phone and missed a call from the plumbing company telling me they would be there in the afternoon because of an emergency.  I waited and waited in the living room.  Finally, at noon I checked the phone and realized it was still on vibrate from choir the night before.  Yeah, they called at 10 to tell me and I missed the call.  They did leave a message though but I could have gone back to bed instead of sleeping in the chair with my feet propped up.  Silly me.  Anyways, he arrived in the afternoon before lessons and installed the new white sink.

I only had Emily's and Natalie's lessons this evening since the B-T family is ill.  Both Acer and Heather have pneumonia.  I do hope they get better rather fast.  Pneumonia is not good.  Andrew has had pneumonia about 4 times in his life.  I think he has had close shaves at least 2 of the 4 times.  I know when he was a tiny little baby he had pneumonia and both Richard and I were sick too that Mom got a call from the hospital he was at to come and see him because he was dying.  Mom quickly went and as soon as she walked in the door and called his name, his vital signs jumped right up.  Whenever she left the room, he would go down so poor little Mom had to stay in the room no matter what to help him get better.  With Mom there, Andrew got better in record time.  He is definitely a Mother's Boy just like I am a Momma's Girl.  We are not fools, we knew who would take care of us, Mom.  That was actually how Mom knew I was faking being sick when I was very young.  If I went to Dad (except in the middle of the night, for some reason I always went to Dad in the middle of the might) in the morning, I was faking, if I went to Mom, I was really sick.  Since generally, I was ill, I went to Mom most of the time.  One time though, I really was sick and Mom wasn't home, Dad did have me stay home.  Unfortunately, neither one of us knew exactly what Mom would do so when he had me put my pajamas back on, he told me to leave my undershirt on.  Well, that made me hot and sweaty.  When Mom came home, I had a fever and was a pile of sweat.  Within minutes, I found myself in the tub with fresh pajamas for when I got out and fresh sheets since mine were all wet with my sweat.  After that, my Dad and I knew what to do if it ever happened again.  It didn't since I think he left pretty soon after that.  I am not sure, I just don't remember.

Emily and Natalie are almost ready for the Spring Concert.  Everything is shaping up nicely for it.  We have set the group rehearsal for the group song at the end of the concert.  Natalie M and Hannah are working hard on the covers to the concert program.  I will figure out the order of the songs next week and start working on the program.

Tomorrow I will be picking up my friend, Laura for lunch/dinner.  We are going to hang out together for the first time in ages!  It has been probably at least a year since I have seen her.  I think I have seen her once since Momma passed away.  Laura was on vacation when Momma passed away so she couldn't come to the funeral.  I know she would have been there otherwise.  I am excited to see Laura for about an hour or so.  It will be fun to get together.  We should do this much more often than we do but she is busy with work and going to school.  She is taking culinary classes.  Laura loves to cook and is a good one.  I have eaten her cooking before.  The summer before Mom passed away, Laura invited us to have lunch with her.  Laura made some pasta type salad with some other stuff and boy was it yummy.  Even the little lady ate quite a bit for her.  I was rather impressed.  The only other person Momma would eat that good for (besides me) was when my Aunt Michelle would cook when we would go there.  Aunt Michelle even brought us homemade food during the summer that Mom would eat.  Mom really liked what Aunt Michelle cooked.  We went to my aunt and uncle's house about once every couple of weeks so my Uncle John could see and spend time with his big sister.  When Uncle John was born, my grandmother was so ill after the birth that when the new baby came home he went directly into my mother's arms.  My mom was responsible for the baby while her mom got better.  It is one reason my uncle has always said that my mom raised him through the first part of his childhood and it is true, she did.  Uncle John always said he broke her in for us.  We used to say, he didn't do enough. Mom was very strict but as an adult looking back, I am so thankful for that.  Mom was so particular about what we read, watched on TV, and what we saw in the movies.  I am glad because unlike some of my friends, I don't have some of those images in my memory and I am really glad about that.  Of course, at the time, I was angry and upset.

I am going to read for a bit.  Pain hasn't been too bad today, just the normal amount.  My cousin, Maia may have Fibromyalgia too as well as a few other things.  I have some books she can read if she is interested.  She has been waiting for a long time to find out what is wrong with her, just like so many of us.  I do hope she finds something that will work for her.  So far, the medicine I am on has been helping me.  It doesn't take away all the pain, but enough of the pain (most of the time) to make my day more manageable.  I hope your day has been good.

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  1. you are really reminiscing today...sweet memories, even of being sick. Your momma sure sounds like a terrific lady...what a wonderful blessing.
    Glad the sink is in!