Sunday, January 3, 2010

Alvin and the Chipmunks are sooooooo cute!  It was a really cute movie with cute music.  The Chipettes were really cute too.  I didn't know there was a movie out in 2007 with the chipmunks, we will have to get it for mom.  She loves these movies.  

Definitely a better day today than yesterday.  No meltdown.  I gated Mom in at the top of the up stairs and that seemed to work pretty well.  She just wondered in and out of her room to my room, just like I had hoped.  She didn't try to move the gate at all so I am one happy camper today.

Lily and Julie were dancing at the end of the movie, it was so cute to see Lily dancing in her seat.  She is going to be 12 soon, and that blows my mind at times.  She has grown up so fast.  And her sister will be 17!  That is even crazier!  Emily was so small when I first met her, now she is a junior and everything!

I have a pretty busy evening around here.  Rachel and Rebecca can't have a lesson on Tuesday as originally planned, so they are on their way for a lesson now.  Debbie will have a lesson (practice) around 6 to 6:30 ish.  I haven't really heard her sing for almost 5 years!  I can't believe she is in her 20's now.  She IS all grown up.  Scary scary scary!  She lives in this beautiful, big house with her best friend, Justine.  I am so happy things are going well for her.  She has a new job, a new house, friends flying in to see her.  I mean, things have really turned around for her since she came back from India.

I am working with a lady named Marie, from a Place for Mom, to help place Mom in a home when she needs one.  I know it will probably be before summer, but I am hoping it will be after summer.  I was lucky I found this place because they do all the searching for you.  They ask you questions and find places that fit in your budget that are good homes, not the bad ones.  They also help you with the questions you need to ask homes about Mom.  Mom is doing better today then she was yesterday.  She fell out of bed a couple of days ago, but we have not had a repeat incident.  She just didn't realize she was at the end of the bed and rolled over.  She cut her lip and bruised her face a bit, but no major damage was done.  Last night I made sure she was more in the middle of her bed than usual.

We went out to eat after the movie.  We went to Olive Garden.  One of the hostesses recognizes us when we go, she is very nice.  When she found out what section we were in, she turned up the heat a bit for mom.  It made it very toasty for her.  We both got noodles and Alfredo sauce.  We like the Penne noodles better than the fettuccine ones, so we always substitute them.  I also get sausage.  yes, I know, lower my cholesterol!  I am working on it.  I usually get chicken but not today!

I got new sewing scissors for Christmas that I can't wait to use Friday.  Friday will be the first sewing class in 3 weeks because of the holidays.  The girls need to purchase new projects and I have to get the material for their younger sister Sarah's skirt.  She wants to learn too.  She is a little too young to use the machine, but not for hand sewing and pinning and cutting and all sorts of good stuff!

Well, we had a great day, and I hope yours is too!

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