Sunday, January 31, 2010

Last night's dinner went well.  Mom liked it although she did her usual "will I have a problem if I eat this?"  She is very worried about missing the bathroom.  She NEVER has and I don't understand, but I just reassure her she is fine.  She is having a rough day although perhaps now she is out of it.  She was crying while she helped me get dressed and while we were at Tim Horton's.  She won't tell me why.  So I just let her cry and hand her Kleenex.  She let me sleep in today until 11:30, in fact, she wasn't even out of bed before me today and that has never happened.  I don't know if that is part of her bad start to the day.  I am going to put some Walker Texas Ranger (we are on season 6) in, she likes that.  We have nothing to do today.  Tillie was supposed to come over but yesterday her real estate agent called and wanted to meet her today after the showing of the house.  We think there might be an offer.  She certainly can't missed that!  I hope it is what she wants for the house.  Houses just aren't selling so I don't know if they will offer her what she wants.  Over here, not much is selling at all except foreclosed houses because you can get them cheap.  I have to come up with the tax money for 2008 or we will lose the house.  I think we have enough to pay it.  I hope so!

Well, it is still cold here but not as cold.  I hope your day will be good.  I plan to watch TV with Mom, read my book, and knit.  Have a good one!


  1. Sounds like you have a nice relaxful day planned. That's how Sundays should be.

    I'm having a little trouble understanding "where" your Mom is in her progression of Alz. Sounds like she understands the progression of her day. She helps you dress but can she dress herself and choose appropriate clothing?

    Do you think that her crying may be depression and she doesn't understand it? Her body just cries?

    How is your knitting going? I haven't touched mine for about 3 days. :(

  2. I think she is between stage 5 and 6. She knows that she doesn't have a good memory during the day. At night she is confused on where we are and wants to go home. At night and in the morning she asks me if i am Heather. I choose all her clothing because she doesn't do that well. I also help her get dress and help her with the bathroom because she doesn't know where toilet paper goes. I think it is getting to her that her memory is gone that is why she is crying. I am going to try to give her her antianxiety medicine when the crying happens again like it did yesterday. She usually only cries in the morning a bit when she is confused but yesterday was unusual and didn't stop until the afternoon. If the meds don't work then I will have to talk to her doctor about it.

    I have practiced my knitting so I am ready for my project. So far I can knit for about 30 minutes before my hands ache, then I take a break and go back later. I can't wait to work on the project tonight. Hope you knit today!!!