Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Not too much going on today.  I have to print the coupon for border's books so I can get this month's book club book.  Aggie chose it.  It's one of her favorite books so I think I will probably like it.  I like reading different books than I normally would have, it makes life interesting, and I need an interesting life.  Usually, it is kinda dull nowadays.  It was interesting when we had the store, but now, not so much unless I am teaching, then it is fun.

We ran into Irv and Rosemary at Tim Horton's this afternoon, what a fun time!  They are our neighbors who live down the road from us.  He is president of the subdivision board of directors.  I am a board member so I see him once a month at the meetings and I run into Rosemary a lot at Tim Horton's.  It is always fun chatting with her.

Mom's tummy is back to normal today.  Thank goodness!  She didn't feel so hot last night with a sore tummy but now she is fine.  She is sleeping in the chair again.

We didn't go to Windsor today after all, I just didn't have the time this morning as I wasn't feeling so hot myself.  I feel better now, but my head is not too happy with me.  It is better, but not enough to have to actually think on filling out papers.  I will go next week.  Thursday this week and next week are doctor appointments so that only leaves Wednesday for going to Windsor, unless I have a make up lesson, which I won't know until next week.

I have to finish Rachel's song in finale for competition.  It is a rather difficult song and I have a tape of the accompaniment somewhere, I just don't know where.  I wish I could find it, but I have looked and I don't see it anywhere.  I am going to look in the office again in case it is hiding in there.  I hope so, it would be better than what I am trying to do.

I hope you are having a good day and doing well!

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