Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Mom doesn't want to go outside tonight.  I told Jose that evening is bad for her, but it's the time he wanted.  I hope she changes her mind by the time he gets here.  She is upset right now so I gave her her anxiety medicine.  I hope it helps her feel better because right now she doesn't want to go.  

Tomorrow we are going to visit a assisted living facility.  I hope mom likes it because by end of summer I anticipate that she will need them.  I hope not, but I will be ready for it.  Tillie is coming with us.  I invited her to come with us.  She will be here about 11 ish am.  I will be up by 10:30 am to make sure I hear her.  I am glad she is coming because she may have questions I wouldn't think about.  Georgette said they looked at this place for her mother-in-law and it was expensive.  I told the lady from A Place For Mom how much money we have to work with, so I hope it wasn't a mistake by sending us there.  We shall see!

She is calmer already about going out she has already forgotten that she didn't want to go.

It has been a good day, I had two students, Zach and Charlie.  They both are doing quite well.  Zach has solo and ensemble next Saturday, he was a bit late today so I asked him to come early next week to make up the time.  With competition next week, it's crucial that he has all the time with me he needs.  He knows one piece real well, but the timing on the other is a bit shaky at times.  He pretty much had it by the time he left, but I will feel better checking into it.

I am going to see my friend, Heather, next week too!  Her kids are so amazing.  I just love them both a lot, they are so talented with music.  I hope it isn't windy because last time we had to leave early because she was afraid of the wind.  It was really windy that day though, I mean really windy.  We had high wind warnings that day, so you can imagine.

Mom keeps asking me when are we heading home, it is really sad that she forgets where we are.  Jose should be here in a few minutes so I better end this soon.

I hope your day is going well.  I am still debating on whether or not to participate in the Valentine's Day swap with Hayley.  Possibly.

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