Monday, January 18, 2010

I had my usual 3 lessons for the day.  After a really boring day yesterday, today was a sigh of relief.  I have 3 lessons spread out tomorrow so I am very happy about that!!!  The news was on and Mom started crying, so I changed to Golden Girls.  She loves the show a lot even though I think we have seen every episode at least once if not twice.  It is an interesting show this one.  We will probably watch the next couple episodes because Mom can't handle the news about Haiti today.  I mean, it is so awful what happened, and I am glad there are a lot of people over there helping them.

Other than the lessons, not much going on.  It is just boring days around here.  I would prefer more excitement, but good excitement, not the bad type.  

Pain is normal today.  Mom is doing alright outside of the crying from the news.  We don't watch the news a lot because she is very emotional these days.  She did wake up at 1 am and was ready to go for the day until I told her what time it was, she went back to bed after that.  I hope she sleeps through the night tonight!

I hope your day is good.

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