Saturday, January 2, 2010

Well, major melt down this morning.  I mean over something ridicules.  I have a difficult time dressing myself because of the pain.  Mom was hallucinating about a little girl downstairs.  I needed to get dressed so we could go and get breakfast, but I couldn't get her to focus on staying upstairs.  I had a melt down and that diverted her attention back to me.  It worked, but not exactly how I wanted to behave.  She has been more confused at night, I am wondering if it is her new medicine.  I am not giving it to her tonight to see.  Last night she kept asking me when we were going home, which is something she has done for the last few nights.  She never did this before, so I don't know if it is the disease or the medicine.  We shall find out.

Finished up the newsletter for my students about the upcoming events.  We have competition and a benefit concert in February.  The spring concert won't be until Mayish.  I will be signing up for that soon though.

I sent 2 letters out to 2 high school band directors with my business cards letting them know about 2 scholarships I am giving 2 of their students.  I hope to hear from them this week.  Then I will have 4 new students, granted they won't be paying for the lessons, but it will be 2 more hours I am busy and that is good.

Pain is pretty high today, especially since the melt down.  Hope it lessens soon.  Hope your day is better than mine.  So far, 2010 isn't starting so good.


  1. Hi Heather..I am sorry about your meltdown and mom..I think both are pretty might be the is she doing now? Hang in there...
    thanks for popping by my blog..and yes I am going to check with Hayley and see if she wants a Palm Springs vacay to come help me!
    chat later,

  2. she is doing alright now. She does confused and forget we are at home now. but not a real problem yet. definitely check with Hayley, she has helped me a lot.

  3. I didn't know that Hayley is your cousin, how cool is that..