Friday, January 15, 2010

The last two days have been fun filled until right about now.  Mom is having a rough evening.  I gave her medicine so I hope it kicks in soon.  She was great yesterday at my friend, heather's house.  She does really well there now, so I am happy about that.  It wasn't too windy so she wasn't freaked out about the wind.  We were at sewing earlier this afternoon.  She was falling asleep there a lot.  I picked up our dinner on the way home.  I just gave her an ensure, she needs to gain about 23 pounds to get to 120lbs.  I just don't want her to lose any more weight so I just keep feeding her.  It doesn't do a whole lot of good since she is still super tiny, but I try.  I would gladly give her what I don't want, but it just doesn't work that way.

We are watching the news about the earthquake in Haiti, how awful.  About 140,000 people killed, that is the new estimate.  The looting has started there too.  That is awful, it just shows how desperate the situation is.  I feel for the people there, I can't imagine such a situation as theirs.  

Mom is calming down now, the medicine is kicking in.  She has stopped crying now and is not asking so much where are we and when will we go home.  We are already home.  She isn't normally like this.  This is an unusual night.  I don't know why this happens every few weeks.  It isn't her normal nightly behavior.  She is hard to pin down.  She has done a bit of hallucinating about me as a little girl but that only has happened 2 times both in the morning.  Once I break whatever cycle she is in (usually leaving the house) she forgets all about the little girl and she is fine.  She does get upset over the news at times so I change the channel when that happens, we have many choices and if there isn't anything good on TV, I put it a disc that she likes.  We don't have to do this too often, but when it becomes necessary, I take care of it.  She isn't ready for a nursing home yet, I do know that will happen in the future, but she won't do well if we place her now.  She would probably stop eating (that's what she does when she is upset) and die from loneliness and despair.  She has mentioned that she would rather be dead than go in a nursing home so I take her very seriously when she says that.  She doesn't want to be disposed of - her words, not mine - that is how she sees it.  Since I want her around, I am postponing as much as possible when she will go, probably when she is confused all the time and not really responding to anything.  I hope that is for not a least a year, maybe two.  We shall see.  This waiting game is awful and difficult for the both of us.

Pain is low for a change - the weather is a bit warmer and not so damp.  I hope your day is good like the last two I had!

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