Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mom is all set.  She has her card she needs to be put on the list in Windsor.  When the card comes in we will go and take care of it.  We were at Tillie's this afternoon.  She even made us dinner!  It was good, she made pork, veggies, and fries.  Mom ate the fries which shocked me because they were seasoned and she doesn't do well with seasonings.  She did get a bit of a tummy ache afterward, but she is fine now.  She is actually sleeping in the chair at the dining room table while I am watching Law and Order SVU.  Now she awake again.

I tried to go on the website for Canada pension because Mom paid into it when she was in the service, but for some reason it wouldn't accept her number.  I will double check that I have her proper number and try it again tomorrow.  

I have a blood test and a doctor appointment all in the same day tomorrow.  Lucky me.  Yeah.  I am so happy about that.  NOT!!!  It is an appointment with the tummy doctor to check for side effects on the medicine I am on.  I don't have any so I am happy about that.  Apparently it can cause some serious side effects and there is a group trying to get it pulled off the market.  I am rather screwed should they do that as nothing has worked like this.  Hopefully they won't.  Then in the evening, we are going to the subdivision's board meeting, always an interesting time.  Mom goes with me.  I think she enjoys the meetings too, she is just quiet during them.

Pain is normal today.  No big deal, nothing unusual.  I hope your day is going well like mine did.  Oh, and tomorrow, I will work some more on the Christmas ornaments.

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