Thursday, January 28, 2010

We were at Heather Bowman Thomlinson's house today.  Mom did pretty well there, but not with the cold.  We aren't going out this weekend until it warms up a bit on Monday, she just can't take it.  She has major meltdowns over being cold.  It makes me really mad, but there isn't anything I can do about it except throw more blankets on her.  I am not happy about this development at all.  It means no sewing tomorrow, which I look forward to each week.  I am trying not to be mad, but it is a losing battle.  I hate the disease she has, I hate it more than the diseases I have.  She, of course, is unaware of how upset this makes me, which is actually good because she would meltdown again over that.  

Anyways, after that, today has been fun.  I relearned how to knit from Heather BT.  I am going to practice more tonight.  Silly me though, I bought the wrong type of needles and yarn.  I should have called her but I didn't.  Sometimes my brainlessness is amazing.  I will return all the yarn except one because I am going to make trivets for the table with them and one set of needles and get the right type.  I knitted about 4 rows before her children came in.  No use knitting when her children arrive.  Mainly because they have all my attention and mom's. 

I hope you are warm and sunny today!  Try to stay warm unless you live somewhere warm, if you do, yeah!  Wish I was there!


  1. Good to hear you are learning to knit. I've knitted for 49 years! When my FM came to stay I couldn't do it any more. I've tried off and on and finally am able to knit for 5-10 minutes at a time..'til my hands start screaming. ;D

    Another symptom of Alz patients is that they are ok in their know enviroment, but when taken to a different location, they can get upset and unruly. You might watch for that experience. Understand your frustration.

  2. thanks! I will watch for that behavior. I am glad you can knit for a few minutes at a time. I can't really play the piano anymore (even though I teach it) because of FM and arthritis. After about 10 minutes, my hands, too, start screaming. I am only knitting a bit at a time because I know how my hands get. at least we can do some!