Thursday, January 21, 2010

Kinda of a grumpy day for me.  Mom keeps asking me if I am tired yet.  That would be because she is up during the night and not sleeping so she is tired during the day.  She was up at 1 pm moving crap in her room around and, well, she fell on her cross stitch bag that should never have been on the floor.  I don't know where she got that from because it wasn't there when I put her to bed.  Fortunately, she didn't hit her head so we didn't have to go to the ER.  We were lucky there.  She doesn't remember falling, but I sure do.  I had to move two other bags that she moved into her room, I don't know where these bags came from, but they were tossed way into the back of the spare room so she can't get them again.

I am not dealing well with her today, she isn't doing anything different or worse than any other day, I just am grumpy, very grumpy.  I had my blood test and the nurse got in one shot, so yeah, on that.  I went to the tummy doctor for the 3 month check and the physician assistant asked how mom was doing and I told her she lost 7 more pounds.  Now she is going to get a CT scan and a blood test, so that is good.  She is trying to get to the bottom of this weight loss.  It just falls off her.  I need to lose the weight, not her.  I, of course, managed to gain another 3 pounds.  At this rate, goodness knows how much I will weigh soon.  I have got to do something, I am watching my food and I don't eat the junk food.  I give that stuff to mom.  At least my cholesterol went down both the bad one and the triglycerides or however you spell it.

We have the sub meeting tonight so I am very glad about that.  I may not be so grumpy but I can't just stay at home tonight and do nothing, it is driving me crazy.  Maybe we will go to Starbucks in a few minutes to get out of the house again.  I just can't stay here right now.

I need to do something with Mom's room, it is a death trap, literally.  If she needs an ambulance, they would NOT be able to get the stretcher in her room, that is how bad it is.  Throwing out her stuff or even reorganizing it upsets her and she gets hysterical over it.  I have to figure out something soon or she may fall again.  At least she isn't losing her balance, her feet got caught in the straps of the cross stitch bag, that was why she fell.  Still, it could happen again since I have no idea what is in her room.  Kathy has offered to help if I could take Mom away for a few hours.  Maybe Tillie can take her for the afternoon and Kathy and I could go to town in her room.  Hayley has also offered to help.  We shall see what is going to work best.  That is my new project.

I hope your day is better than my grumpy butt day!  have a good one!

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