Sunday, January 10, 2010

So I guess either I have Mom have a good night and a bad morning, or a bad night and a good morning, I would hope both the good night and good morning, but maybe I am wishing too much.  She began wandering around the upstairs at 7:30 am.  Yeah, not happy about that, I am not a morning person.  I hope she doesn't do this every morning or I will never have a good sleep again for a long time.  She did stay in my room for about 1/2 hour around 9 ish, so I slept for a 1/2 hour before she started calling my name again.  This is the first time she has done it, so maybe it was a fluke.  i am hoping so.  She is fine now, sitting in her chair.  Debbie will be here for a lesson soon so Mom is a happy camper now, she just wasn't this morning.

Andrew called, I was surprised, pleasantly surprised.  He wanted to know when I was going to go and get Mom's OHIP number (Ontario health insurance), we will probably go this week Weds or Thurs depending on what my schedule is like.  Tillie's package came in so we will take that to her too.  Mom does pretty well on day trips and we don't go to far so I am not in extra pain so good all around.

I am getting ready for the benefit concert next month.  I hope to have Katie, Katie, and Danielle over for a brief rehearsal before the concert.  I haven't heard them play in a while.  Katie P and Danielle have been in college away from home so I am glad they are playing in the concert.  I heard Katie K play a bit ago but I can always hear her play she is so good.  I think she is playing the Phantom of the Opera music for the concert.  Danielle is doing Beatles and I don't know what Katie is planning yet.  Debbie is going to be the MC and perform 4 songs.  I am really excited about this concert.  It is the week before competition so any of my students who are competing and in the concert will play their competition music.

Pain is a little high after this mornings episode, I expected to be.  I hope it goes back to normal by dinner time.  I have to buy the new book for book club this week.  My border's coupon expires tomorrow so I hopefully go before then or get a new coupon.  i love books, they are the best things in the world.

I hope you are doing well despite this yucky weather or are at least somewhere warm!!!!!

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