Monday, January 11, 2010

Well, I was WRONG!  We can have a great night and a good morning all in the same cycle!  Mom did great last night, she went into bed and didn't get up until she needed to go to the bathroom and this morning did well too!  I am soooooo happy about that.  She let me sleep until the alarm clock went off (too early if you ask me, I reset it for 25 minutes later!) and then let me sleep again until it went off again.  Then she helped me get dressed and we brushed the teeth and were ready to go.  All in all, a great day so far.  Bob had his lesson, the girls had theirs, Grace will have hers later in the week, and Frank will be here tonight.  I love the Mondays of the month.  Tuesdays are a close second.  Wednesdays and Thursdays are not so fun because there are no lessons, but hey, can't have everything can you???

I actually spoke to both of my brothers yesterday.  Shocking I know.  Andrew called to see how Mom is doing and I called Richard last night.  Both are doing alright, Richard is still working so that is awesome.  His job is a temp one and the contract was supposed to be up in August/September, but he is still there.  I hope he finds another one quickly after this one is over.

I think my brothers are missing out on Mom too much.  At least Richard is, Andrew was, but he saw Mom at Christmas and I think he realized that if he doesn't stay in touch with Mom, eventually she won't remember him.  Richard lives so far away from us but he works about 4 hours away.  I don't know if he will come and visit or not or just let his memory fade away from her.  I, on the other hand, even with the rough spots, love being with mom all the time.  I get her and they miss out.  I hope we will visit Andrew a bit more now because Mom really enjoyed spending the time with him over the holidays.

I got in touch with the alumni chapter of Mu Phi Epsilon.  They are a music fraternity that I was a member of in college.  Was supposed to have a meeting tonight, but they are canceling it because of the white stuff coming down!!!!!!  I will have to wait until next month to go.  Tuesday, the president, said it was no problem bringing Mom either!  How awesome is that.  I guess some of the members bring their husbands and kids too so they are definitely family friendly.  I am really happy about that.

Pain is alright except my neck.  I must have let it get cold last night because one spot kinda hurts a lot.  Silly me.  What can I say??????  I am going to be working on some of the Christmas Crafts I want to put on next year's tree.  (I plan to put up a tree next year, we all know I didn't this year!)  I hope this finds you doing well and having a good day!!!!

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