Tuesday, January 26, 2010

So, yeah, I know what time I am meeting Wendy, it's 1:30, she works until 1:00 pm.  Guess when I remembered that, when we were waiting for her.  She was right on time, we were early.  Actually, it worked out pretty well because I was able to feed Mom some soup since she was cold and another donut before Wendy arrived, so that was good.  Next time though, I will get the time right for me.  Silly me!  We had a great time, at least I did, Mom did really well, she doesn't say much, just quietly sits there and listens.  She did have a hard time sitting at the end so it was good that Wendy had to go and pick up her son from school.  Mom is doing fine now, back to her normal self.  It was so fun talking with Wendy and realizing how much everyone has changed since high school.  I am looking forward to the next reunion.  I hope to meet with Wendy again soon.  It was just so awesome.  We didn't really hang out in high school, we each had our own circle of friends, but it sure is nice to be friends with people I went to high school with now.  On face book I am friends with several that I was mostly casual friends with, more like people I knew, but didn't really know well.  Kathy told me I would be happy about this, I should have listen to her years ago, but I was just too stubborn for my own good.  I told Wendy about Kathy and her kids and how they are doing.  I hope to take a day trip in March to see Kathy and the kids.  February is just booked on the weekends, the 13th is the benefit concert and I will be broke after that, then the following weekend is competition, so next month weekends are busy.  Maybe the last weekend in Feb, we shall see what her schedule is like.  Mom really liked going to visit her when we did in December.  Day trips are good for her right now, just the right size for her.  She doesn't get to confused because we are coming home for the evening.  I still don't have my back disability so I don't know if we are staying over night at competition or not.  I am sort of thinking we shouldn't even if the money comes in because Mom doesn't really do that well at someone else's house overnight and she might wander.  We shall see when it gets closer.  Tillie is coming to competition too, so I am excited about that.

Tillie can't come tomorrow to see the movie with us, but she is coming over on Sunday for dinner!  yeah!!!!  Yes, I will be using my new crock pot on Sunday for dinner.  After we buy the crock pot I am going to go to Border's and get a slow cooker cook book.  It's bound to have some new yummy recipes that I can either prep at the table or quick prep.  I am looking forward to cooking again.  Never that I would say that, never in a million years, but I am so tired of frozen dinners and I think adding some home cooked meals would be good and worth the effort.  This might help Mom gain some weight too.  She needs to gain about 25 to 30 pounds again.  It is hard for her to keep the weight on, I know, backwards from me, but it is true.  She can lose weight by just breathing it seems.  She will have a CT scan in about a week to double check everything is okay.  I will make the appointment tomorrow and her blood work appointment too.  The doctor wants her to have the blood work first in case there is something wrong and she shouldn't have the IV of the CT scan.  I doubt there is anything, but it is best to double check these things, right?  

I am trying to make sure we have some fruit in our diet every day.  I bought fruit cups and fresh fruit for us this month and it seemed to work pretty well.  It may even help me lose some weight, although with some of the medicine I am on and the limitations of standing and walking, I have difficulty with that.  After my student leaves I am going to try our elliptical for a short time.  I don't want to do this before my student in case I get exhausted from it, I never know when that will happen, it happens so quickly when it does. Mom, of course, as usual, is ready for bed now, however, I know when we go up she will be tired until she is ready to jump into bed and then she will perk.  She does this every night so I know the routine.  She is tired during the day because of boredom.  That's why we are going out tomorrow afternoon, so the boredom is broken up.  It helps me stay awake during the day too.  Of course, so does the caffeine in my tea and diet coke.  I have cut down on my diet coke, I won't be buying it for home anymore.  I am going to check to see if it adds to the pain, I haven't noticed if it does or doesn't when I don't have it, so you never can tell.

I also plan to do some boring laundry tonight.  Both Mom and my clothes' are starting to pile up.  Tomorrow we will also be going to JoAnn's and getting our yarn for our knitting project.  After that we will go to Hobby Lobby and get our needles, my friend, Heather, says they aren't too expensive there, so that is good.  I am excited to relearn how to knit.  Mom wants to try it too but I don't have high hopes for that.  She used to knit when I was small so maybe there is a slight chance that she will remember, but I doubt it.  But, hey, if she wants to try, why not.  She may pick it up and then she will have something to do during the day while we watch TV and movies.  That is the one thing I am looking forward too, having something to do during the day.  I plan to make a scarf for Mom, Andrew, Tillie, Kathy, Tony, Matthew, Jacob, Samantha, and Alicia.  I figure by the time I get to the twins I will have this knitting thing down pat and maybe then I can make some baby doll clothes and hats and stuff like that.  I have big plans for this endeavor. 

Today has been a good day, I have one student soon, Charlie.  Zach had to reschedule for Friday as both his parents needed the car today.  He wasn't very happy about it, but hey, it's best to reschedule instead of cancel a lesson.  (gives me something to look forward too!)  Both boys are doing quite well, Charlie has a new book he is working out of and when I get the back disability I will be buying a solo book he can borrow and have fun with.  They now have CDs for these books.  How cool is that?  Pretty cool if you ask me.  I am not getting the CD though, I have no pressing need for it and Charlie doesn't usually like playing with them, so why shell out the $25 it costs plus shipping and handling if he isn't going to use it?

I hope your day is going great too!!!!!!!

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