Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It's Tuesday and 3 lessons again today.  Katie just had her lesson.  She is really improving a whole lot.  It is awesome.  She is working hard on her competition songs.  She is planning to sing them for the benefit too.  Might as well, get as much out of those songs as possible, plus, competition is a week after the benefit so she will be more than ready with those.  Frank is not as ready as I would like.  Rachel, not sure of, haven't seen her in a couple of weeks.  Zach and Charlie have their lessons tonight too then we are going to the little cafe for dinner.  I don't feel like cooking or heating up anything.  I have to empty the fridge though, I just remembered that.  We have old food that needs to be removed.

Mom is having an okay day - not great or good, but not too bad.  She got upset when I went upstairs and she forgot where I was.  She needs to be with me everywhere so she feels safe.  This morning was her usual coming in and out.  Gating her upstairs definitely keeps her up there.  She doesn't even think about going near it any more, so I am very happy about that.

I finished Rachel's music today.  Ugh, it was a hard one.  Mostly because I know I have a good tape accompaniment of it, but I can't find it so I had to put it in finale.  But it is finally done!  Both of her songs are done.  The prayer was easy, but not upon this rock.  Frank and I worked on Alleluia yesterday.  He is accompanying her at competition, they will get together next week.  He almost has the song memorized which is good.  He just needs to memorize all his stuff!  I get nervous around this time every year for competition.  It just gets nerve wracking!  I am not in charge of how much that the kids practice and stuff so that is what gets to me.

My side is sore today - not sure why.  Other than that, not too bad in the pain level.  We are heading for Windsor tomorrow.  I have to bring Tillie her mail when we go.  We are having dinner around 4:30 ish.  At least I don't have to cook tomorrow!!!  Have a great night!

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