Thursday, January 20, 2011

a better day - but more snow!

I woke up late again today.  I have got to get out of this bad habit.  I have to copy some stuff to send in.  I am planning to copy them tomorrow and then drop them off.  I only have until tomorrow to do this so I have to get this done.  I can't not do this.

I had another new student this afternoon.  She is very nice and so is her mom.  She was a few minutes late because they got lost.  They had to call the company to get directions to my house.  they were about 5 to 7 minutes late.  That was okay as I don't have anyone else today.  Besides, it was the first lesson and you have to make allowances for timing on the first one.  I am excited to work with all my new students.  I do hope that they all have their books soon.  I am running out of books to loan out.  I have to pull some solo and ensemble music tomorrow for Amanda P tomorrow for Saturday.  I have Stephanie again tomorrow.  She is singing a song in French and it is very hard for her.  We worked on it for almost the entire 90 minutes yesterday for her lesson.  We shall see how much she practiced.  I hope she practiced a lot.  Solo and ensemble is only a few weeks away.  Amanda is going to solo and ensemble too and she hasn't picked her 2nd song yet.  I have a few ideas of songs that I think she will like.  I am excited about Saturday because I have 4 students that day.  Next Saturday, I will have 5 lessons.

I am possibly going to see Peggy this weekend.  I am not sure though.  I do hope so.  It would be fun.  I have gift certificates that I can use.

I went grocery shopping today.  I forgot to bring some cash for the medicine I need to pick up so I will have to do that tomorrow.  Oh well, not a big deal.  I will get the synthroid tomorrow.  I don't really want to go all the way to Walmart again, but I don't have a choice since that is where my medicine is filled at.  It is that time of month when my medicines all need to be refilled.  A few of them are refilled every few months though so that is good.  It makes the monthly cost cheaper.

I am still so tired.  I don't feel like I have completely regained my strength from getting the cold earlier this month.  I still feel so wiped out with it.  It is really getting annoying.  I am tired of sleeping so much. I am going to go to bed earlier tonight with the hopes that I get up earlier.  I want to be up by 11:30 latest.  11:00 would be better as I have things to do.  I want to get the stuff done early so I can be ready for the lesson at 4:30.  I am just so tired.

I am watching My First Place.  It is too funny to see people go into the potential house/condo's bathroom and complain that it is outdated and it looks fine.  They do that for the kitchens too.  Makes me wonder what they would say about our house as our bathrooms have never been redone.  Our kitchen, however, was redone in the late 90's and Mom did a great job.  Hayley would like me to repaint the dining room and kitchen but that is not on the top of my list of things to do.  I like the color, actually so I am not sure I would repaint it.  There are rooms I would like to repaint, but that is not on the list for right now.  I have to save money to do any changes of the house.  I rather like the house the way it is.  I like the way our house looks.  The only changes I see I need to make are to the yard right now.  I am hoping that Addison or his dad will be able to trim the bushes in the back yard.  I need the garden in the back yard weeded and the stones put back in.  I need a new bush in the corner of the garden.  Also, in front of the house will need some bushes too.  Andrew ripped them out and never put anything back.  I would like something there.  That probably won't get done until next summer, not this one, but the next one, but that is okay.  I don't mind.  I have time to deal with this stuff.  I still need to decide where to start with the house.  I have an idea of where I want to start and what I want to do.  I will start in a couple of weeks so I need to make sure I am not as exhausted as I am right now.

Well, I am heading to bed soon.  I am just so tired.  I hope I get a good sleep and wake up nice and refreshed!  Okay, now I am dreaming!  I just hope I am not as tired as I have been all day.  That is my goal.  I do hope your day has been good too!

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