Saturday, January 8, 2011


I had 2 students today!  One was the new student, Kayla, a very nice young lady, and the other was Aggie, who is also a very nice young lady only I have had her for several years now.  Kayla did very well with her first introduction to voice lessons and classical music.  She learned the first phrase to Caro Mio Ben and did quite well with it.  I was very pleased with that.  She has one classical piece and one Broadway piece.  I have another new student next Saturday!  I am very excited about these new students and hope to get a few more.  God is definitely moving around here!  So far, all my needs are being met and the bills are being paid.  That is the important thing.

I finished filling out the entries for competition and I mailed the checks away for the competition.  I just have to make my reservations for the hotel.  I am looking forward to competition as it is always a good weekend away. although it will be hard this year without Momma with me.  I am getting used to doing things on my own now and it isn't so bad anymore.  I still miss her all the time, but I am getting around by myself just fine now.  I think my students are used to her not being around now too as she would listen to each lesson.  Mom loved listening to the progress of the students during lessons.  She would talk to the young students when we had the store too.  They all just loved her.  Some of them would run to her when they arrived to talk about their week and then talk to her after their lessons and tell Momma all about it.  It was so cute to see.  I really miss the store for that otherwise, I don't seem to miss it as much.  I miss being busy all the time like I was when I had the store, but I don't miss the problems I had.  That I don't miss at all.  If I knew then what I know now, I would never have bought it.  I would have just kept teaching and doing the bookkeeping instead.  Oh, well, what can I say?  I gave it a good go and we failed but I did try my hardest.

I think tomorrow I will finally take down the Christmas ornaments off the tree and take down the decorations off of the piano.  I should be healthy enough for that.  My cold is almost gone, although tonight I seem to be coughing for some reason.  That had better go away because I do not need this to linger.  Not one bit.  I think a week of a cold is enough, and now it can go away.  If only we could wave away these things!  That would be nice.

I spoke to my Uncle John's girlfriend, Michelle, and both she and my uncle have the flu.  Apparently, Jayson, their son, had it yesterday.  Ugh, I feel so bad for them.  That is just not good.  I do hope they feel better soon.  Maia is sick with a head cold too and it seems Tillie is getting one too.  That time of year I suppose.  I hope mine is gone by the end of this coming week and I hope not to get another one this year.  Two this year has been bad enough.

I don't know who has been doing this, but some nice neighbor has shoveled my driveway and front walkway now twice.  Isn't that nice?  Both times it has snowed a lot I have come home to a cleared driveway and front walkway.  I am very thankful for this.  I don't know who is doing it, but I am grateful for it.  I just can't do it myself as I can't stand long enough to do it nor can I walk well enough either so this has been wonderful.  I figure at the end of the season I will put a notice in our little subdivision newsletter publicly thanking them.  We have some very nice neighbors around here.  We really do.  It is one reason I want to stay in the house as long as possible because I really do like where I live.  This house has everything I need in it, a place to relax, a place to teach, guest rooms for company, and what more could I want?  I don't think anything.  I really love this house.  I know when I was younger I didn't, but the last few years this house was filled with such good times and moments that I just am happy to be here.  It is a happy house and I am a happy girl living here.  Plus, this is where my memories of Mom are too.  I want to put up some pictures and some shadow boxes filled with all the thimbles Momma and I have collected over the years.  We have a few duplicates.  I think Lily might like the duplicates we have. I will check with her.  We have several that we bought that are the same before we realized how silly it was to buy the same ones so we each could have our own.  Now that I have all of Momma's plus all of mine, I need to sort and remove the duplicates away.  This way, Lily can have something that was Mom's.  I think Mom would really like that.


  1. Feel better! Hot tea with lemon and honey always makes my cough better. Or maybe my mother use to make it that way and the fond memory always makes me feel better. She is gone 9 years now (November 2010). My dad 26 this April 2011. Never gets easier just bearable, that is all. I will get my surprise off to you but I am in the middle of this burdening problem with my hubbys brother not write me off, I am true to my word. Just need to get him out of here and get our life organized. Love and hugs. You need to keep up what you are doing as you seem to be finding some happiness in what you do. I know you mom loved you and you miss her. We are in that special club together. HUgs Anne

  2. Heather, I enjoyed your post. It was so positive, full of good times. I love the idea of the shadow box for the thimbles. They will be protected and you will be able to see them. New students!!!! Are most being referred from the company? If so, they were a good idea. :-) I haven't taken down my Christmas decorations yet either. The tree is still ok and I've been doing other things. I'll get to it soon. Happy Saturday! Hope your cold moves on soon. Take care