Monday, January 24, 2011


It is a bad missing Momma day.  It has been since last night.  Tears and more tears.  It hurts worse than the physical fibro pain I have.  I can't seem to get a hold of myself today.  yesterday, I spent most of the day in bed as I also have a very bad headache.  I still have it.  I don't know.  It doesn't seem to get any better.  I just want my mom.  That's all.  Nothing more, just my Mom.  I know she is gone, but I still want her.


  1. Oh, my dear Heather, I so know what you are feeling. I want BOTH my mom and my dad. My dad moved to Michigan (where we were originally from) almost two years ago and I miss him. I can talk to him, though. I can't mom. And all I want is my momma, too.

    Take care, my dear friend. ;0)
    Thinking about you!

  2. some times it feels overwhelming, I understand...I'm here sending you love and prayers, strength and a big hug...I know it will never fill the emptiness but at least you know that you are not alone. take care...

  3. I'm so sorry Heather. These days are so emotional, tiring and disappointing. Mom lives in your heart. You can talk to her anytime. Ask her to help you through your day. To give you strength to go through your grief. May God wrap his arms around you my friend. Hugs

  4. Hi Heather, just found your blog. I am sorry to hear you're having a bad day. I am assuming your mother has passed and my heart goes out to you!