Tuesday, January 25, 2011

a better day

It has been a much better day today.  No tears for the day, thank goodness!  It is just a normal missing mom day.  It seems so strange to be living here in the house while she is in Heaven but I don't want to live anywhere else.  Sometimes, I can feel her presence in the house and I like that.

I had a new student this afternoon.  I was getting kind of worried because he was 15 minutes late.  It was okay because I didn't have anyone after him, so that was fine.  He seems very interested in learning to sing properly and get back to where he thinks he was a few years ago before a horrible accident.  He has a nice sound.  We started with the usual, Caro Mio Ben and he did very well.  He has the list of books he needs to get for next week.  I didn't have him get a Broadway book because I have a couple that I really like and couldn't choose between them which ones I wanted him to get.  What can I say?  I have some great books.

I am going to go to Windsor for a couple of hours tomorrow.  I haven't been there since December.  I don't know when the Windsor people are going to come and visit me anytime soon, but that is okay.  I am mostly doing alright.  Yes, I have my bad days, as noted from yesterday, but overall, I am adjusting to this new life alright.  It isn't always easy, but it is my life now.  I am hoping that I will see Richard and family in the summer.  That is my goal.  Kathy is hopefully going to be able to come and visit in a few weeks and spend the weekend.  I can't wait for that because we will have fun.  I have book club next Saturday, which will actually be the first time we have had book club since Momma passed away in October.  In December when we were supposed to have book club, Maggie took me to lunch instead.  I had a good time.  It was nice to visit with her since I hadn't actually visited her since September.  She was at the viewing and the funeral, but that isn't a place for visiting as I was rather busy and upset at the time.  It was one of the hardest days of my life.  I don't think anything else will ever be so hard.

It has been a good day today.  I even braved the cold to go get dinner.  I just wasn't into cooking anything today so off to taco bell I went.  I haven't been out since Friday because it has been so cold.  It is finally warming up a bit, if you call in the 20s warm, compared to below zero, it is down right balmy!  I have several students this week.  I do need to get the piano books for the next new student on Saturday.  He is an adult and has always wanted to know how to play the piano so he is starting this Saturday.  I am hopeful for 7 more students with this new company.  They send email updates on your profile page once a week which is really nice because you can see how many people checked out the profile.  They do not use last names or any other identifying  information unless you sign up.  Even then, they don't know the last name.  I love teaching out of the house.  I have decided that I am not going to to change that anytime soon because it is so nice to have them come here for lessons.  It is so convenient if I need some music, I just turn on the computer and look it up then go down the stairs to pull the music out.  Very helpful if I need something right away.  I did find some other music that needs to be put away.  I will work on this during this week.  I would like to have all the music put away by the end of the weekend.  Then I plan to organize the CDs.  I found some more the other day that have been sitting next to me on the floor next to the piano for a good 8 to 9 months and didn't realize they were there.  What a lovely surprise it was to find them.  Several of them were ones I have needed recently so I was very happy to find them.  My CDsCDs will take a little bit longer but since there are some in order, I just have to put the CDs where they belong.  Then I will be up to day with the music.  Give me 2 weeks and I will be done.  The one thing I do want to get soon is an all in one printer with copier capability.  It will help not lose music.  I have several binders and I want to create some binders for each vocal student with extra songs we will be doing but I won't have to loan out the music.  I am trying not to loan out too much music as that is how it gets lost.  Binders are so much easier plus the student gets to keep a copy of the music.  As an educator, by law, I am allowed 1 copy per student for educational purposes only.  I always have the original music with me whenever there is a performance or competition.

Overall, a much better day.  I do hope tomorrow is a good day too.  It is not supposed to be very cold like it has been which is good.  I am very glad about that.


  1. I always wished I learned how to play piano!

  2. Heather,
    I think you are doing just fine. You are going to be just fine.
    Stay warm,

  3. So glad your day was much better. I'm excited to hear about your new students and how they are progressing. Hugs