Monday, January 3, 2011

Yup, it is a cold

Yup, I got a cold.  It is just a little bit of one though, nothing too serious right now.  I am hoping by the weekend, it is history.  I had two lessons today, Bob and Katie.  Calli and Acer's Mom is ill so they won't be here and Aggie rescheduled to Saturday afternoon.  No problem there, I will have the lessons later in the week.

Not too much going on since I have a cold and am resting a lot.  I took a rest in between lunch and my first lesson already.  I foresee going to bed rather early again tonight.  That and a lot of chicken soup.

It is so cold again out.  I was really liking the warmer weather of Friday and Saturday.  I don't know when it is supposed to snow again, but I am sure it will be soon.  I mean, that is typical for this time of year in Michigan.  We do get a lot of snow, not as much as some states, but enough.

I am rereading the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows book again.  I started rereading the series a few weeks ago.  I love those books.  They are so wonderfully well written and very interesting.  I saw an interview on Friday with J. K. Rowlings and Oprah.  It was interesting.  I love interviews with JK because she is an interesting person as well as being a great writer.  I find it amusing that when the first book came out her agent said you will never make any money writing children's books.  I bet JK really enjoys laughing at that one.  With the Harry Potter empire, she is very well taken care of now.  It is nice to see someone succeed after trying so hard.

I hope that I will be able to do some writing this year.  I haven't been able to write in several years, due to a mountains of reasons, first brain fog really gets in the way, so does concentration problems.  Also, losing the store really took a toll on my creativity at the time.  We shall see what this year brings.  I am hoping for a better year than what last year was.

All in all not much happening today.  I am going to heat up some soup in a few minutes.  It sounds so good right now.  I love chicken noodle soup.  I hope I have enough for this week.  My muscles are way sorer than usual with this cold I have today.  It is rather annoying.

I do hope you are having a good day.  Stay warm!!!  It is cold most places outside!


  1. I hope you feel better soon, Heather! I am feeling very rough myself, my back and legs are killing me. I hate starting the New Year out in pain!
    I'm thinking about you and hope you get well soon.
    Hugs to you!

  2. It's cold again here, too. to think, last week we hit 65! I caught a cold and am just getting over was tough! Hang in there and drink lots of "o.j."