Tuesday, January 11, 2011


It has been a quiet day.  I had my blood test this morning.  Yuck.  At least this time, it only took one poke.  I was glad about that.  I just wasn't up for more than one poke today so I am thankful there was only one poke.  After that, I went to Tim Horton's for brunch.  Rosemary, my neighbor was there, so we had a nice visit.  Once I got home, I realized I was really tired so I took a nap.  I slept for a couple of hours.  I had Charlie's lesson tonight.  He was late because it is snowing pretty hard right now.  I am so glad I am not going out in this weather.  I am not even sure I am going out tomorrow.  I may just stay home.  We shall see.  I know kids are hoping for a snow day, but I don't think we are going to get that much snow this time.  I do hope my nice neighbor, who ever it is, will shovel again tomorrow.  I don't know who is doing it, but I am one thankful girl.  There is really now way I can do it.  It is just beyond me.  It isn't too cold out right now either, not like it was at the end of last month that we had with wind chills below zero temperatures.  I just hope we don't get a bunch more than the few inches they are predicting.  My poor little car is already covered with snow.  She looks so nice and white with bits of red showing through.  I will have to go and uncover her tomorrow though when it stops snowing.  It is times like this I really miss Momma too because she was the snow shoveler until a couple of years ago.  She loved doing it.  I don't know why, but she would be out there shoveling snow.  She always looked so cute bundled up.  I always had a pair of her little gloves on underneath my warm mittens so her hands would stay warm.

Today was just a quiet day.  I have one lesson tomorrow.  I do plan to organize the table tomorrow because I have to find an important piece of paper for the bankruptcy.  I have to send a copy to Chelsea, on of the lawyers at the firm along with the paper I am waiting for in the mail.  These will be the last two papers that are needed for the bankruptcy, I hope.  It has been a long road since august 2008 and I am glad the end is near.

Not much going on right now.  NCIS should be starting soon.  I am almost done rereading the entire Harry Potter series again.  I simply love those books.  When I am done with this one, I plan to start rereading the Anne of Green Gables series.  Both calm me down and remind me of Mom.  She loved those books too.  When I was in the hospital with my blood clot in 2005, Mom would come and visit everyday.  She brought the first Harry Potter book and would read it out loud to me.  It was so cute.  Anyways, my roommate left for home before I did and had to ask Mom what the name of the book was and who wrote it.  She was so caught up in the story, she wanted to read it herself.  I thought that was pretty cool.  Several of my students came to visit me too while I was stuck in the hospital for a week.  I honestly thought that as soon as I went home I would go to work like normal the next day.  Boy was I wrong!  It took a week to recover at home from being in the hospital for a week.  I was so surprised at that.  I did get over it and got better and been having bi-monthly blood tests ever since.

Anyways, it has been rather quiet today and I am not expecting it to get any noisier, so I hope you are having a great evening too.


  1. I had four pokes yesterday and three today...I am the worst at getting my blood drawn!!! You are lucky they got it on the first try.

    We are expecting snow tonight too...about 5 inches, I'm so excited! I love the snow...take care Heather.

  2. Hi, Heather!
    What a coincidence! I had a blood clot in my leg, myself, in 2009. It was due to inactivity, I'm quite sure. My husband stayed with me throughout the whole thing. It's always nice having family & friends stop by!! Have a good week!!