Thursday, January 27, 2011

A better day

It is such a better day today, although I really slept in.  I think a week without my thyroid medicine has taken a toll on me.  Oops, I just didn't have the money until today so what could I do?  Well, when my friend, Donna found out I hadn't been taken it, she was horrified.  She told me next time to ask her to borrow the money and pay her back when I get the money.  I hoping that with the adjusting of when money comes in, this will not happen again.  I figured it was okay to miss the thyroid stuff for a brief period, but boy I am even more tired than usual.  It is crazy.  I slept until 2:30 this afternoon!  I mean, I went to bed at midnight.  Yeah, crazy.  I think I am taking too much Tylenol PM too so I am going to cut back 1 and see if that helps.

I only have my normal chronic headache today.  I have given up on trying to get help with it because nothing has worked and as the specialist said, there isn't too much they can do about these types.  What ever, I guess, nothing I can do about it.  With the slight warm up of the temperature, in the 20's instead of zero, the hips are in better shape today.  I think overall, today is a better day.  I am not in as much pain as I have been and I am not so afraid today.  Today, I am thinking more positive about stuff.  I am going to start a bible study with myself to help with the fear that I have.  My friend, Kathleen is taking it now and says it is a real eye opener on trust and other issues like that.  I think it will help me a lot.  I really do.

I didn't have Koffi for her lesson today.  She had to cancel for some reason.  I left a message with her mother and I do hope to her back from her about a makeup day.  If I don't, then I will just mark the lesson because she didn't give too much notice, about an hour before the lesson was to be started.  The company that I am working for has a strict policy and I am glad about that because it is frustrating to plan a lesson that is cancelled an hour before the lessons.  However, I would prefer that we make up the lesson rather than she pay for a skipped lesson so I am not marking it until tomorrow.  I am hoping I hear from her mom by then.

I have another new student starting Tuesday for an hour.  He is 58 and wants to learn to sing properly.  I am happy about all these new students.  I now need 6 more.  I may be getting my brother's best friend's son for a student too and that would mean I need 5 more.  Things are progressing well for me now.  I am still fearful, but today, it isn't consuming me like it did yesterday.  i thinking writing it out and admitting it out loud to my friends made a huge difference.  It also made me realize that I am not alone which is another big help.  I am so thankful and blessed to have such good friends, really I am.

Since I didn't have a lesson this afternoon, I went grocery shopping earlier than planned.  This was a good thing as the roads are getting slightly bad with the snow that is coming down.  It looks so beautiful though and the way the snow sits on the branches of the bushes is simply gorgeous, it gives me a queer ache inside because it is so beautiful.  I love looking at the snow, I just don't love driving in it nor do I love the super cold weather of the snow sometimes.  Today, the temperature is a bit warmer and with my new warm coat, I was toasty warm inside.  With my old coat, I would have been chilled, but not the new one.  It is designed for super cold weather of Michigan.  I picked up a few things for lunches now that I am not going to go to Tim Horton's everyday.  It is just not fun anymore.  I sit by myself and read.  Well, it is starting to be a bit too expensive too so I need to cut back on that expense and only go every so often.  I did go today because I had no lunch stuff yet in my house, but now I do.  I didn't really need to pick up much in the meat department because I bought some last week.  I am going to make the beef pot roast tomorrow.  That will be yummy.  I like cooking in the crock pot.  I also remembered that I have a bit more chicken in the freezer so I didn't need to buy anymore of that.  I think I am pretty well stocked up for the next few weeks.  It is a good thing, I think.  I am getting much better at cooking for one or cooking for more and splitting the meal for more than one meal.  I think this will help me lose weight as I am buying healthier food for me.

Not much happening this evening.  I am working on my plan of attack, as I call it, for organizing the house.  Next week I plan to start working on the house so that by spring, it is ready for visitors and looking simply splendid.  I do love my house.  I have such good memories here.  Yes, I used to have the bad memories too, but the nice thing about Fibro

All in all, a much better day.  Less pain, less fear, make a better day.  I do hope yours was good as well.

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  1. you will feel much better now that you are back on the meds. Letting your thyroid get low will make you very tired and cranky, and emotional...I speaketh from experience! take care and keep warm, thinking of you!