Sunday, January 23, 2011

brrr, it is so cold outside

I think I slept the day away.  I am so tired and my head hurts pretty bad today.  I got up rather late and was still so tired that I had to go and lay back down.  It is just one of those type days.  I will be heading for bed early tonight too.  I am just so exhausted today.  I didn't go out at all today because it is so cold out and no reason to go out.  I decided yesterday that I wasn't going to go out today because it was going to be so cold.  Well, it is really cold out.  Around zero without the windchill.  I don't know how cold it is out with the windchill, below zero I imagine.  I am not liking the cold this year.  It didn't seem to bother me so much last year like it is this year.  I am not sure why.  Tomorrow I have 4 lessons as usual so that is good.  I have a new student on Tuesday and another new on Saturday.  Wednesday, I have to go to Windsor for a bit before teaching at 4 pm.  It will be a nice and busy week.  I like that in a week.  I dread downtime at times. It depends on what I want to do during the downtime.  Sometimes it is nice to have it.  It comes in handy when you don't feel well to.  It was good that I didn't have to teach today since my head is so sore.  I do hope it goes down to normal by tomorrow in time for teaching.  Sometimes, teaching helps the head relax a bit too.

It is a normal pain day for everything else except the head.  I am way more tired than usual for some odd reason.  it is a normal missing mom day, although with not feeling well today, it is nice to be able to rest and not worry about her.  Though, I would rather have to worry about her than have her not here.

I do hope your day was fine and everything okay.  i hope you are warm during this cold spell.


  1. I did the exact same thing today...nothing! I got up and ended up laying down on the sofa for a long nap, woke up at dinner time and now I'm back on the sofa...I didn't even get dressed..oh my, I hope tomorrow is a better day energy wise...take care and keep warm!

  2. Hi, Heather..I feel exactly the same way today, too. I could only stay with my husband at the hospital for an hour. I felt bad having to leave, but I hurt so bad and it was really windy today that my allergies have acted out. I've had to take three allergy pills today!! So I'm going to bed with a good book soon. I'm drained.
    Have a good week!

  3. Sorry to hear that you are not feeling so good. Hope you will be better tomorrow and you can enjoy working with your students.
    It is cold here, not like what you are experiencing, but I am going to complain anyway.