Friday, January 28, 2011


It has been a pretty good day.  We have a bit more snow, but not too much.  My car is not covered.  The warmer weather melted the snow off my little car!  I simply love my little car.  It is a ford Focus and I have had very good luck with this one.  I really like it a lot.  I do hope to keep it for a long time because I don't drive very much any more.  I am thankful that I have the car for when I do need to go somewhere.  My brother, Andrew, actually picked it out for me.  The original one he picked out though had the loud mufflers on it and a couple of other extras that I didn't want so I went with a different one, same color.  I will, however, avoid getting a red car again as it is a target color for police or so I have heard.  I have only had 1 speeding ticket in it from 2006 right after I got it.  I was following Richard on our way on vacation.  Richard was going in and out of traffic and that got us both in trouble.  We both got tickets.  His children had a good chuckle at that because big brother got little sister in trouble.  They teased their Dad about that the entire trip.  We were much more careful going home.  I really try not to speed anymore.  I like taking my time to view the world around me.  I find speeding causes me to worry about getting tickets and getting caught so I just don't do it much anymore.

I have been feeling a bit better today although I didn't sleep well at all last night.  I was just so afraid until about 5 am.  I am afraid sometimes at night of break ins.  Now, I live in a relatively safe neighborhood, we have been blessed to not have a break in since I was a child but sometimes I have trouble sleeping between 2 and 5.  Once 5 am comes, I am out like a light for the rest of the morning.  I have a new plan for this if it happens again tonight.  It has been a long while since I have had this happen to me.  I have had nights I couldn't sleep very well, but those nights were due to pain not to fear.

I had one lesson today.  As of right now, it is the last lesson of Stephanie.  Her solo and ensemble performance is next week, Saturday.  She is close to being ready.  She wasn't feeling too well today because she is coming down with a cold.  I do hope I do not get it.  I don't need another one this year.  I have had 2 and they were pretty bad.

I have 5 lessons tomorrow.  I am rather excited about that.  I have lessons from 12 noon to 4 pm.  I haven't heard from Rachel and Rebecca so i don't know if they are coming at 4 or not.  If they do, great, if they don't, well that isn't too good as they haven't had lessons for a month.  Competition is next month and they are not prepared at this point.  I am getting worried.  They wanted to come about 1 but I have a student at that time so that is not possible.  I let them know that 4 pm is available so who knows.  I will just wait and see.  I have a new student starting tomorrow with piano.  It is the first new piano student since November when Alyssa started.  I do hope Alyssa will be coming back now that January is over.  The new student has a 45 minute lesson which is something I generally don't do, but with the new company, they offer it so I do it.  I find that I am able to fill the 45 minutes pretty well.  I do hope this adult stays.  Tuesdays new adult only has scheduled one lesson and I am not really happy about that as I hate trial type lessons because generally they don't stay.  I do think you have to give lessons at least a few weeks to see if it is something you would like to stick too.

All in all, it has been a pretty good day.  I slept in a lot again due to not sleeping well last night.  I am heading for bed early because I need to be up a bit early tomorrow.  I don't mind.  It is good to get up for a good reason.  Mondays and Saturdays are my best days of the week since they are the busiest.  I really like those two days a lot.

I do hope you are having a good day.


  1. Wish I could get lessons to play piano!

  2. Hello Heather! Thank you so much for all your sweet visits and comments!! :-)