Friday, January 14, 2011


I talked to the two new students today.  I like to call right away so I can introduce myself to them.  This way I can let the moms know that the students need to bring a blank notebook and that there will be a few books to purchase.  I am excited about any new students I get.

I got a letter from the social services.  I have to send some info to them by next week.  It won't be a problem.  I will copy the stuff this weekend and put it in the drop box.  I will have some help.  I hope by summer I won't need the extra help and that I will be standing on my own two feet.  That is what I pray for every night.  So far, it is okay.  I am doing okay.  I did do something brainless this week.  I have been meaning to pay the phone bill for a week now.  I kept putting it off and so today I go to make a call only to discover the phone has been cut off temporarily.  So I went and paid the bill.   I am annoyed at myself because there is a $15 fee to reconnect the phone.  Wasted money because I procrastinated on paying the phone bill.  I am very annoyed over this.  I can't afford to do things like this.  Every dime counts just like it does for so many people that I know.  The one thing that is comforting to me is that so many of my friends are in the same position that I am in.  That is a big comfort to me.  I know that I am not alone and so much of the time I feel alone now.  I can't really say I feel lonely, because I don't think I am.  I have many times during the week where I see people.  I am lonely for Mom.  I miss her and her constant companionship.  I am getting used to being by myself.  It isn't so bad anymore.  I still miss her, but I think I always will.  I don't think that will change.  From what my friends say who have lost their moms, they still miss them so I think I always will.  Anne says it just gets a bit more bearable.  Somedays, it is bearable and other days it is not.

My cold is still lingering on.  From what I have heard, most of my family is ill with flues and colds.  My Uncle Ken has pneumonia and is slowly getting better.  Audrey was taking care of him and became ill herself.  My Uncle John and his family all had the flu.  Maia and her family have the flu and colds, so it is all over our family.  I do hope that Maia and Tillie are feeling better for next week and come for a visit.  I haven't had company since Thanksgiving and I am ready for some.  We aren't planning any work to do, just a visit.  I am not doing anything this month but making plans for what needs to be done.  I ordered another welcome mat last night.  I need one more because they aren't as big as the old ones we had.  With this one, it will cover much of the tile and then the tile will be protected which is my goal.  I don't want the tile to be messed up by salt or snow.  It is in really good shape and I want it to stay that way.  I am sorry that the rugs got donated and not put away for this year.  A little late now.  Eventually I will need mats for the other two doors too.  If I can, I will get some rugs in the spring from Target.  Right now they are very expensive so it is on the want list not the need list.  Maybe I will get lucky and find some at the thrift store.  Hard to say.  I haven't gone in to see if they have any yet because it just isn't a necessary right now.

I have to go and pull some music for Amanda tomorrow.  I have the Broadway book in the living room ready, I just need to pull the Italian book for her.  Kayla should be returning hers tomorrow because her books should have come in this week.  Thank goodness I have 5 copies of the Italian book.  I will need to make more copies of the CD though.  That isn't a problem as I have plenty of blank CDs available.  I am glad I have teaching stuff I need to do.  It keeps me busy and productive.  I am happier when I teach although I am still rather sad most of the time.  I figure it will be a long time before I am happy all the time again.

Lily won the spelling bee in her school today!  I am so proud of her.  She is an amazing young lady and very smart.

I do hope you have had a good day too.  So far it has been alright.  Nothing to exciting other than paying the phone bill.  I do feel good when I pay a bill for some reason.  It makes me feel good when I can pay a bill.

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