Sunday, January 30, 2011

lovely day

It has been a very lovely day so far.  I met up with Peggy and her family for brunch and had a very good time.  I haven't seen Peggy in a few months so it was nice to catch up.  I haven't seen her parents for an even longer time so that was even better.  I can't believe Peggy's little guy will be 6 in March.  Wasn't he just born yesterday???  Seems that way to me.  Of course, I think the exact same thing with my niece and nephew.  It is unbelievable how quick they grow up on us.  After brunch, I went to Walmart's to pick up a few things.  I was running out of deicer for the front walk way and porch, so I needed to pick up that.  I also needed some bread as I don't care for the buns I bought.  They are very dry and I didn't care for them so I got some bread instead.  This was necessary as I now longer go up to Tim Horton's everyday because it is rather dull on my own.  If I am meeting someone, wonderful, but other than that, it just got boring.  I loved going there with Mom though, we always had a good time.  Even at the end, she had a good time going.  I do miss going with her to places a lot.  I don't particularly like being on my own all the time.  There are times when I like company, like when I go to the grocery store.  We always had fun going because I would have her pick out a treat for her like she used to do when we were small.  She always surprised that I would get her a treat.  Silly little Momma!  Her face would light up and she would take her time deciding on a treat.  It was so cute.  You would have thought she was a child, but that was really where a lot of her memory was, as a child, so there was no real surprise to me about that.  I loved going to Walmart because they always had cute clothes at a good price too and once a month we would look to see if there were anything she needed.  I looked everywhere last year for a pink hoodie and I could not find one anywhere.  This year?  They are all over the place!  It is so unfair.  She would have looked so cute in a pink hoodie.  of course, I thought she looked adorable everyday.  I always put cute clothes on her.  She had the cutest tee shirts and hoodies, many from Disney or of Disney Characters.  Momma loved her Disney stuff.

I did pick out something for me.  A package of screw drivers.  Now you may be wondering why.  Well, you see, in the Paxton house they walk away.  Whenever you need one, you can't find one.  I bought a package of them, I think there are 4 sizes of each type so I am set.  I just have to find a good place to put them so they won't disappear.  It is frustrating when you need one and they have disappeared.  I am going to get another tool box next month.  I am trying to build up my tools so that in the spring, if something needs to be fixed, I can do it.  Right now, I don't know what happened to my tool box.  It isn't anywhere.  I looked the other day when I wanted a screwdriver.  I am actually a little upset over the disappearing of tools.  Once, Mom and I had enough, now they seem to be gone.  It is as if people don't think we need them or something.  I do know how to fix stuff, just because there is a lot I need help with, doesn't mean I don't know how.  Who do people think fixed the house when it was needed?  Superman?  No, me and Mom fixed the stuff.  Fortunately, all the big stuff is done and it is only little stuff that will need to be done.  I can do the little stuff.  I will soon have the tools to do it.  I am glad I still have my saw and I think I still have a drill, I am not sure on that.  I am hoping I still have a drill.  I had two of them.  Come the spring, I will move stuff around in the garage and make room for my tools and tool box.  I don't know what happened to mom's tools either.  I think the next thing to buy will be wrenches.  All mine are gone.  I had a nice set too.  Well, I will have a nice set again.  The next month will be a set of socket wrenches, unless I find mine.  I am not sure what I have left in my set, or even if I have the set left.

I plan to do some lesson planning tonight and watching a bit of TV.  I have one student who is new this week.  He is more of a trial student.  I don't particularly like one trial lesson, but whatever, we shall see if he likes it.  I changed my profile info on the new company page.  I wrote out what books I use for voice, so they are not surprised.  I want then to know that there is classical and Broadway music that they will be learning, not pop.  It is important to realize this.  Most people are okay with it, but some do have a problem with that.  I also may have 2 new students that are not from the new company!  That is exciting too!  I am hopeful for this.

I do hope you are having a good day.  Mine has been so far.

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