Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thursday brrrr

It is kind of cold today.  Not as cold as it got last month, but still too cold for me.  I had to turn the heat down a couple of degrees because I got the bill and freaked.  Yeah, more than twice what it was in December.  I will use the little heater more because I am cold in here with the heat turned down a bit.  I am toasty warm with the space heater near me.

I had planned on clearing the dining room table today.  I now have to do it because the other info I got from the other 2 bills did come in.  I am glad about that.  Now, time to find the other bills.  I will scan these tonight and email them to Chelsea.  This is almost done!  Yeah, the last of the paperwork!

I checked my website for the new teaching company and I may another 2 new students.  They aren't for sure yet, but possibilities right now.  I am hopeful that they turn into confirmed students.  I will keep you posted on this.  So far, I am thrilled with the new company and how they stay in contact with me.

It has been a quiet day.  I expected to meet a friend for lunch, but she wasn't able to meet me after all.  I was disappointed but we are going to try again soon.  I was so tired this afternoon, that I took a nap (that was instead of clearing off the table).  I still have a cold.  It is lingering and I am not liking this.  It seems our family on both sides of the border are ill.  They seem to be going through the flu.  I am glad I only got a cold not the flu.  I don't deal well with the flu.  I deal much better with a cold although I don't know why it is still here.  It should be gone by now.

I plan on getting the music together tomorrow for my new student on Saturday.  She is taking voice lessons too just like my new one last week.  As soon as she was booked, I called.  The company wants us to call and introduce ourselves to the new students right away.  I guess some people were emailing them?  Yeah, that doesn't sound right to me.  As soon as I get the email from the company, I call right away.  I also will be getting my other new student's music together tomorrow too.  He starts on Tuesday after Charlie's lesson.  I am so happy about these new students.  It eases my mind a bit about finances.  Things are starting to come together which makes me glad.

I going to work on the table now.  I have to find a paper that is needed for the bankruptcy.  I need to scan it along with the other papers.  I hope you have a good evening too.

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