Monday, January 10, 2011

lots of lessons monday

I still don't have all the paperwork I need for the bankruptcy.  I now need 1 more thing or at least I think it is 1 more thing.  What the lawyer wants though is going to be difficult to get because they send coupon books, not statements so I don't know how much I owe.  I don't know if I can get one either.  I am so over this.

Today is Kathy's birthday.  She is now ?? years old.  I won't post it because in 4 months I will be there too and it is a scary number right now.  I can't believe we are this old already.  I feel, spirit wise, not physically, around 30 and physically around 90, but I am neither of those numbers.

It is cold in here today.  I don't know why, but it is.  I have the little heater on right now because I am so cold.  I shouldn't be, but I am.  I hope I don't freeze during lessons.  If necessary, I will go and get a hoodie.  They are so warm but a bit bulky over top a sweatshirt but they do warm me up nicely.

I have had 3 lessons already.  I have 4 more for the day.  Yeah!  I have Bob, Calli, and Acer.  Calli takes 2 lessons, voice and piano.  They are all doing very well.  The Muglia's are currently working on a Sonatina by Clementi and a Mozart piece.  Right now, the 3 are playing the same music.  I try to rotate their music so they don't all play the same, but since it is a new book, it is a bit difficult to do.  Once we get further in the book we will be able to do that.  Bob is playing a Mozart piece too, he is playing the Sonata that is pretty popular.  Many people recognize it.  He is also playing a 2 part invention by Bach.  I love the inventions.  They are so neat.  Acer is doing pretty good with his fingering.  He is trying to do proper fingering, but it is so hard for the young man.  Calli is finishing up her level 2 book and will be starting level 3 in the next month or so.  She is singing a song called "In an English Country Garden".  It is a really cool song.  She and her brother are going to sing "Rainbow Connection" together in the Spring Concert.  They sound very nicely together on this particular piece.

I am tired today but I am not sure why.  I had plenty of sleep.  I did get up a bit early, but not to much.  I have to get up a bit early tomorrow too since I have a blood test at 11:30.  I am not looking forward to that because they just hurt so much.  I know they are supposed too, but they do.  When you have fibro, any tightness around any body part really hurts.  The tourniquet on the blood test really hurts.  The needle hurts too and it they miss the vein, which happens frequently, that hurts too.  All in all, a painful few minutes.  I hope to not have to have another one for another month.  I know I have to have at least one a month.  Usually, I get the every other week.  I am hoping for longer in between tests.

I had hoped I would have the Christmas stuff down and ready to put away yesterday, but I took a nap instead and just didn't do it.  It isn't that I had other more important stuff to do, no, that isn't it.  I just didn't do it.  I did bring the boxes up that the stuff goes in though, so I have step 1 finished.  I plan to do step 2 and 3 (taking the stuff down and putting the boxes away) either tomorrow or Wednesday.  This is the longest I have ever left my Christmas stuff up.  I was sad to put it up because Momma wasn't here to see it and I am sad to put it away, because the season is over.  Either way, I am just sad over Christmas this year.  I am trying to get used to being alone most of the time.  I think I am doing pretty well, although, I really miss company all the time.  I knew when she was here what a good thing it was, and boy was I right.  I am glad it isn't a case of I didn't know what I had until it was gone, because I did know.  But it is hard, nevertheless without her.  I wonder how my brothers are doing, but she wasn't a big part of their day to day lives like she was with me.  There are many times when I am running errands I wish she were with me because we had such fun doing things together and it is lonely to run errands by yourself.  I miss her all the time but I think I am getting better at it.  I think it would be better if I had something to occupy a lot of my time with.  This week, I will be working on plans to get some projects done around here.  For example, the family room has become the catch all room.  It is stacked with boxes and bags of stuff that need to find a place for it.  I am not sure if I am going to start downstairs or upstairs, but I want the house looking less like a clutter bug and more like a house.  That is my goal for the winter.  To get some stuff decluttered.  My room needs to be done too, but that isn't a major priority right now, there are other rooms that need my attention first.

Well, Bob should be here at any moment now.  I do hope you are having a great day!

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