Friday, January 7, 2011

busy friday!

I had lunch with Robin and Zachary today!  it was lots of fun.  Unfortunately, it made me late for the lawyer's appointment.  I called to tell them I was running late.  It was no problem.  Boy, am I glad I just didn't drop off the stuff because as it turns out, I have a couple more papers to turn it.  I have them now.  I also went and had them shrunk to regular size paper so that I can scan them and send them by email to the lawyer and her assistant.  I am thankful I wanted to see the lawyer.  Basically, everything is ready to go now.

My cold is almost gone.  I am pretty tired today because I got up early.  I have to get up a bit early again tomorrow for my new student.  I am excited about this new student.  Of course, I get excited about every student, whether they are new or not.  I just love teaching.  I have 2 students tomorrow.  Kayla, the new student, and Aggie, an old student.  So basically, it will be a good day.

I plan to take down the Christmas ornaments off the tree tomorrow and put the Christmas stuff away off of the pianos too.  I am leaving the snowmen because it is winter and they make me smile.  I will put up the angels that I got from Aggie.  I got another ornament from Anne that was an angel too.  She said it was to remind me that Mom is always watching.  I almost cried when she gave it to me.  I now have 3 angels that will go on the pianos.  I will leave the tree up right now because on Monday Heather B-T is going to put the lights on for next year.  After that I will take the tree down stairs.

I need to remember to take pictures of the shuffleboard as I am selling it.  My cousin has a friend who would like it.  Hey, works for me because I don't plan to use it and I don't want it.  I want that half of the family room to become my sewing room.  The other half is going to be for TV and exercise.  I won't be working on it for a while because my friend who will be helping is a tax expert and well, it is tax season.  But once tax season is over, we will get it done.  I figure by end of summer the house will be in order.  It will probably take that long to go through everything that I have.  I have boxes and boxes of stuff that I just don't know what to do with them yet.  I plan to go through the boxes very carefully to figure out what to do with the stuff.  I am keeping most of the sewing supplies because I plan to get back into sewing.  I want to do some craft projects and participate in some of the blogs craft projects.  It should be fun.  I love sewing and it makes me think of Mom since she taught me how to sew when I was younger.

I am doing better I think with the missing of Momma.  I still miss her all the time, but I don't seem to be as upset over it as I was or at least this week.  It is hard to imagine that it will be a long time before I see her again, but it is something I am getting used to it.  I am used to being by myself most of the time now. I have applied for some jobs so I am hopeful that I will get something soon.

All in all a decent day with getting stuff done.  I hope it is a good weekend.  Next week I am supposed to have company, so that will hopefully be fun.  Maia and I are supposed to go and see Narnia next week sometime.  I want to see that movie really bad.  It looks very good.  I loved the first two, so I am hopeful that this one is just as good.  I love gift certificates!

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  1. I can't wait to see what good "stuff" you make when you start back into sewing! What sort of things do you want to sew? Bags, clothes, toys?
    Have a great weekend and enjoy the movies!