Saturday, January 22, 2011

Cold outside

It is so cold outside today!  I am staying in the house for the evening.  I am not going out and I don't foresee me going out tomorrow either.  It is just so cold out.  I am toasty warm in the house today and loving every minute of it.  It is a good day around here.  I had 4 lessons this afternoon, Katie, Amanda, Kayla, and Amanda P.  All are doing very well with lessons.  Katie is getting ready for competition.  She is working on Ave Maria by Schubert for her Classical piece.  She has it almost down pat.  Her Broadway piece, I could Have Danced All Night is pretty much almost ready.  My three newer ones are doing well too.  Over all, I must say I am pleased with how the students are doing.

It is a normal missing Mom day, not a bad one, just the normal one.  I changed the wallpaper in my phone to a different picture of her.  I have several good pictures of the little lady.  On my computer are many more pictures of Mom too.  There are some with me.

I am starting to work on losing some of this weight.  I am not going to be going to the usual anymore unless it is to meet someone for tea.  I need to cut back on spending, but I also need to cut back on junk food and eat more healthy food.  I bought some pop for here at home because I do like it, although I will be cutting back how much I drink of it.  I have some nice fruit cups that I do like, I just don't think about eating them because I don't normally have them here at home.  Well, I got them now and will eat them.  i also got some bananas, which I also like.  I do like fruit.  I just don't eat enough of it.  I have bought some more meat that isn't prepackaged so that is good too.  I think I have gained a bit of weight since Mom passed away and that is not good.  I need to lose the weight, not gain it so I will be working hard on that.  That is my new goal.  I have been working on the machines downstairs a bit, but I can't do very much of them.  I have looked to see about swimming but there really isn't anywhere near by for me to go.  I will keep looking until I find something I can afford.  With more students, maybe I can afford something near by.  So far, the ones I have looked into are very expensive.  I will keep looking.

I worked a bit on the plan of the house.  I also worked on the to do list.  Some of the stuff is weekly to do, but some of it is not.  I am working on my weekly house work to figure out what day to do what so I don't over do it.  I don't want to over do it at all.

Overall, it has been a decent day.  I am relaxing now after a busy afternoon.  I like when I have busy afternoons and evenings, it makes me feel better over all.  I am going to read for a bit before I make any dinner.  I hope it has been a good day for you too!  Stay warm!  It is cold in so many places today!

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  1. HI, Heather. Good luck on losing weight. I'm in the same boat, although after my mom died, I lost about 80 pounds. My appetite just withered away. I didn't want to live. But now it's back full force, which is why I'm looking into the bariatric surgery. My hubby is holding is own, just in a lot of pain and hating being in the hospital again. I hate it, too. I miss him!!
    Stay warm. It's in the cool 60's here.....LOL.