Saturday, November 12, 2011

Another lovely day in November - the weather is beautiful

It is so nice outside today.  Unlike yesterday, which was rather cold, today is more fall like than winter.  It is definitely nice and warm.  I didn't really need my winter coat on but since I didn't know it was so nice out, I had it on.  I love my winter jacket.  It was a beautiful Christmas present last year from my dear friends, the Emertons, Lily's family.  Camille had her lesson today.  Her uncle brought her.  She is doing so well and I think when we are done with this level, we may switch to something different.  I am still not sure though.  She is doing so well with switching her hands around that I fear that the level 2 book will be too easy for her.  We shall see.  She is such a lovely young lady.  Last Tuesday was her middle sister's birthday, she turned 5 and this Tuesday will be the youngest sister's birthday, she turns 4.  Camille is the oldest.

Not too much going on today.  Some weird pains on and off in my back and my chest.  I am not sure why but it comes and goes so I am not too worried at this point about it.  I am rather exhausted this afternoon.  Much more so than normal.  I do hope this means I will sleep better tonight because Church is in the morning!  I am ready to sing tomorrow.  I love singing in the choir.  I can't stand during the music part of the service because my legs ache so much, so I lean on a stool.  It is a high stool so I can't really sit down too well.  By the end of the music part my legs are actually usually numb but they wake up quickly when i start walking.  I would like a better stool, but this will work for now.  Carolyn will not be singing tomorrow because she has been absent from choir practice for a couple of weeks.  She has had volleyball games at the same time as practice.  It is kind of hard to be in two places at once!  I just love Carolyn, she is such a nice young lady.  She sings rather well too.  It is nice to be in a choir full of good singers.  Most of them are very good, which is really nice.  It means we can do some harder music and really get some good stuff.

I need to clear off the table today.  I plan to move all the music into the living room for now because during Christmas and New Years, I will have it put away and then the living room and the dining room will be beautiful.  I also need to go through the boxes of tools behind me and put them in my lovely new tool box that Heather B-T and family gave me.  I was so excited since my has long since disappeared along with many of the tools mom and I had.  It is quite frustrating to have tools disappear from the furnace room and garage.  These tools will stay for a long while since I am in charge now.  This being responsible and being a grown up can be hard work!  I really want the new Harry Potter movie but I cannot get it until the monthly bills are paid.  It is so tempting to go and charge it but I won't.  The credit cards are for emergency only and that is how they should be for me.  I have used them a bit and discovered I was using them a bit too much because they were in my wallet so I took them out.  Now, I don't have the temptation.  I am thankful for that!

I do need to go to the music store Monday or Tuesday for my new little guy on Tuesday.  He is scheduled the one lesson but then the rest are unscheduled, which is weird to me.  Is he going to change his time every week?  Or is this a trial lesson to see if he likes it?  Either way, I will teach the lesson and we shall see how the little guy does.  I only have a couple of lessons on Monday this week, Bob and Isaac.  I don't think I have the girls this week but I shall find out shortly.  I have messaged them to find out.  I know Laura has it on the calendar.  So whenever she has me scheduled works for me!  I just love my girls.  Well, truth be know, I love all my students.  I have the best.  I may not have as many as I used too (oh my goodness!  I wouldn't be able to do that) but I have really good ones now.

I do hope you are having a good day.  I hope this random pain goes away.  It comes and goes whenever and I have had it since yesterday.  The joys of fibro!  My hands aren't are sore as they were yesterday as it is nicer out right now!  Enjoy your day!

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